Garage Door Problems That Are Common And That You Can Repair

Garage Door Problems That Are Common And That You Can Repair

A garage door is really important for the security of the entire property. The problem is that just like with all other parts of the home, there are damages that can appear from time to time. It is definitely frustrating when the garage door does not function properly. You can easily solve many problems alone and this is exactly what we are going to talk about in the following paragraphs but remember the fact that whenever you have doubts, you need to contact true garage door repair specialists.

Sticky Garage Doors

You normally notice this problem when the gate will be opened or closed. When you have a garage door that is remote controlled, make sure you check switches, batteries, and sensors before you will do anything else. If the door is manual, the problem is normally that we have an obstructed wheel track. You want to remove all the debris that cause obstructions. Temperature and weather will have effects on lubricants. When you try to solve and the problems still persist, contact specialists.

Broken Garage Door Springs

When you often use the garage doors it is possible that the springs will be damaged. You can find doors that will unevenly move or that seem to move from one side to the other side without realizing why that happens. Springs have to stretch in the same way and have the exact same length. When you see that a spring is broken, you need to replace it. When you cannot identify what spring is problematic, you need professional garage door repair.

A Faulty Garage Door Opener

This is so much more common than what many believe. When remote controls do not function properly, check switches and batteries. If these are not the problem, look at the cables and the tracks. When you see gears that are worn out, they most likely have to be replaced. Also, check for obstructions.

Loud Garage Door Noises

You can often hear loud squealing, screeching and grinding sounds as you open or you close the garage door. In this case, the solution is to simply add lubrication and remove dirt and debris that is stuck inside the tracks. Make sure you use garage door oils that are specifically created for this reason. They are always a lot better and will properly deal with the weather.

Dented Panels

Garage door dents are basically inevitable. We have to mention them because you will have to deal with this in the future. Unfortunately, the only option available for you is to work with professional garage door repairmen. They are needed since it is not that easy to modify garage doors directly and it is possible you will need huge repairs.


As you can see, there are different repairs that you can take care of alone. However, this does not mean you will not need help. Even when you just replace a faulty spring, you will need to call a friend to help you out. The garage doors are heavy and dangerous.

Easy Snowflake Sugar Cookies #BakeWithBetty

Easy Snowflake Sugar Cookies #BakeWithBetty

This post is sponsored by General Mills, but all opinions are 100% my own.

These Easy Snowflake Sugar Cookies are special because my daughter helped and was so excited.  Our family has traditions and one of them is always making cookies each year for the Holidays.  We make homemade cookies as well as Betty Crocker Cookies with other ingredients added to make them more festivce.  Recently I went to Walmart to Purchase a few Quick Betty Crocker Cookies to whip up for the Holidays.  They are cheap, easy and fast to make.



I decided to get Pouch Mix Sugar Cookie and Pouch Mix Snickerdoodle Cookie Mix.  The kids and I will do more with the snickerdoodle package after Thanksgiving and closer to Christmas.  We decided to make the Sugar Cookies first.  What we did with the sugar cookies is used a cookie cutter for these and had to roll the dough out.  This called to use more flour in the mix to be able to roll out better.




My daughter had a hand in the rolling and cutting out part.  For that, the Easy Snowflake Sugar Cookies turned out to be more of a circle shape than a snowflake shape that we had used.  That’s okay though because she had fun and that is all that matters. They were still delicious.  After rolling the cookies out and using the cookie cutter, we placed them into the oven.  It didnt take any longer than 7 to 9 minutes for the cookies to bake.  After cooling them off, we placed Betty Crocker Cream Cheese Icing on the tops.  We then Purchased Snowflake Icing Decorations.  They are blue and white edible snowflakes that come in three different sizes and patterns.  As you can see we placed them onto some of the cookies, while others are sprinkled with what appears to be blue crunch.  We decided to break up some of the other snowflakes and crushed them up and sprinkled them onto the cookies.  My daughter had so much fun taking part in making the cookies.


Being a big family and always a busy one too, Betty Crocker Cookies were a great idea.  The Easy Snowflake Sugar Cookies were delicious.  Our family always loves Spreading Cheer with Betty Crocker Cookies.  I can’t wait to share them with family at our gathering.  I definitely recommend stopping by the baking aisle to get Betty Crocker cookies and #GetYourBettyOn with the kiddos.  It is not only fun, but easy and affordable.  Spread the Holiday Cheer.

Easy Snowflake Sugar Cookies #BakeWithBetty

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