3 Tips For Helping Your Child Care For Their Braces

3 Tips For Helping Your Child Care For Their Braces


In today’s world, having braces is almost a rite of passage for many people. When you haven’t been given straight teeth from the get-go, many find themselves willing to go through the orthodontic process of putting on braces. Generally, braces are first put on during the older child or teenage years. But because kids these ages aren’t necessarily the most responsible, you might be worried about how well your child will take care of this expensive investment. So to help ensure that your money’s well spent and your child comes through the braces phase successfully, here are three tips for helping your child care for their braces.


Create A Braces Kit


Braces can be very uncomfortable at certain points. With all that metal in their mouth, it only makes sense that some things would get sharp or rough or need a little extra care every now and then. So to help your child be more comfortable, Oral B recommends that you help them create a braces kit that they take with them wherever they go. The last thing your child will want is to be without something they need for their braces and feeling uncomfortable in them until they’re able to get home. For this kit, try to gather things like an extra toothbrush, toothpaste, and some floss or flossers that can easily get between their teeth and around their braces. You should also include wax for when the braces rub against the inside of their mouth.


Keep Certain Foods Away


When wearing braces, there are certain foods or types of foods that need to be avoided. Not only can these foods easily get stuck in your child’s braces, but they can actually cause harm to the hardware in their mouth, which could also cause harm to your child and their teeth. According to WebMD, some of the foods you should keep away from your child include foods that are hard to take a bite out of, things that are particularly chewy, and things that could easily get stuck between wires or in brackets. Specific foods on this list are popcorn, taffy, caramels, apples, carrots, nuts, and more.


Make Rinsing A Habit


Oral hygiene becomes even more important when your child starts wearing braces. If he or she doesn’t care for their teeth well, they could develop permanent stains on their teeth where the braces weren’t covering. To keep this from happening, Carol Wiley, a contributor to Colgate.com, suggests advising your teen to make rinsing their mouth a habit. After they eat anything, encourage them to rinse, either with water or mouthwash, so they can get everything out of their braces and keep food from harming their teeth.


If your child is about to get braces, consider using the tips mentioned above to help him or her take great care of them.

4 Activity Ideas for Summer Break

4 Activity Ideas for Summer Break


Just because it’s summertime doesn’t mean that kids should spend their time away from school staring at the television.  Going brain-dead isn’t anyone’s idea of how to spend summer break.


Kids should be able to enjoy their break from studies while still practicing healthy habits and filling their time with worthwhile activities.


Here are some of the best ideas for activities to keep your kids busy this summer while keeping their minds active.




One of the most important values that you can pass on and instill in your children is the importance of compassion and helping others.  It’s one thing to tell your children to help those less fortunate than them, and it’s another thing to act on it.


Encouraging your children to volunteer for a cause is a great way to give them a dose of the real world and teach them compassion.  Through doing service for others, they’ll be more likely to grow into less privileged adults who are grateful for what they have.


Even though they may groan about it initially, usually kids realize that it’s not only fun volunteering, but the rush of good feelings that accompany volunteer work can be downright addictive.


Grow a Garden


When the sun is shining, and the weather is clear, it’s a great time to grow a garden!  Whether you have an apartment or a big backyard you can still create a garden of plants of your choice.


You can create a vegetable garden in your backyard using seeds purchased from the store and watch them grow as the summer months progress.  Your kids will learn to take care of the watering and fertilizing and be overjoyed when the vegetables finally grow!


If you don’t have a backyard, you can grow flowers or herbs on your windowsill.  Nurturing and caring for your indoor or outdoor garden encourages your children’s sense of responsibility.


Take Swimming Lessons


If your little one doesn’t know how to swim yet, it may be a great idea to teach them sooner than later.  Since summer is often packed full of water activities from pools to the beach, it’s essential that they know how to swim.


Signing up for a swim class at the local swimming pool can be a great way to expel energy while learning an important life skill.


Join a Book Club


If your child has begun learning to read, the summer months have the potential to be a great time to improve their reading skills.


Joining a book club encourages them to follow along with a story and interact with others about their interpretation of the plot!  You can take turns reading to each other and help them with any parts of the story that they don’t understand.


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