Top Seven Ways to Pest-proof Your Home Quickly

Top Seven Ways to Pest-proof Your Home Quickly

Having your home infested with pests is one of the most uncomfortable experiences a homeowner can go through. Not only will it be irritating to deal with them, but you may have to repeatedly clear out these pests over and over again in order to keep your homes free from them. In this post, we will look at seven quick ways you can make your home pest free.

Keep Garbage Cans Away

Garbage cans will attract all types of insects, from flies to mosquitoes and everything else. If the can has a high amount of organic waste, then more insects will fly to it and enter your home. This is why garbage cans must always be kept shut. Never leave them open. Plus, many people tend to place a garbage can just outside their home, very close to the exteriors. This is a bad practice. Keep the cans far away from the home. And especially ensure that the garbage cans are nowhere near the windows and doors. If you are looking help, hire a professional team. Pest Solutions is one of many companies that is there to help you keep your place of residence or business free from pests.

Cut Tree Branches Hanging Over Your Home

If you see any tree branches or limbs hanging over your house, cut it down immediately. For one, small animals like raccoons and squirrels can get into your home through those branches. Plus, if the branches attract any bees, then they might start a beehive right above your house. And this can get extremely problematic in the future when the bees will start entering your home every now and then. Branches might also attract other insects during the rainy season. It is to avoid such possibilities that you are advised to clear our all branches in the vicinity of your property.

Door And Window Holes

If the doors and windows contain any holes, the insects can easily enter your home no matter how tightly you shut them. As such, it is important that you never let these holes exist as they are. Once you overlook any holes on the doors and windows, you might forget about them for a long time. And the insects will keep entering your home through these tiny holes. This is why you should always seal off such holes as soon as you find them.

Leaking Faucets

If you have any leaky faucets in your home, then get it fixed immediately. Insects and bugs will fly to any source of water. As such, if you let the faucet continue to leak water, the insects will likely swarm over the water drops on the surface. And slowly, they will enter into other rooms and become a nuisance. As a bonus, you will also avoid wasting water.


If there are any pieces of large wood lying around your home, then you should also clear them out from the property. Such pieces of log generally tend to attract small creatures who might make it their home. Insects and other anthropoids might also form a cluster inside hollowed wood, especially if the wood gets wet and sunk into the sand.  


Bugs and other insects are naturally attracted to lights. As such, you might start seeing insects swarm around the lights in your home. If you see this happen rather consistently, then quickly replace the normal lights with either halogen or high-pressure sodium vapor lights. This will reduce the number insects that get attracted to the home lights. Plus, try making the lights have an orange or pink tint since insects are less attracted to lights with these colors.

Use Door Sweep

Even if your door may not have any holes, it can still let bugs and other pests inside the home. How? Because of the gap between the door and the ground. This is why it is important that you use a door sweep. This simple solution will allow you to plug the bottom of the door completely, ensuring that there is no gap between the door and the surface.  As such, no pests will be able to sneak into your home through the bottom of the door. Plus, this will also help in maintain the indoor temperature.

In addition to the above methods, you should also do a regular maintenance of your home. This involves timely cleaning of your home and surroundings, checking for pest entry points, looking for cracks in pipes, walls etc., and so on. Only through such a regular checkup will you be able to find out potential problems that can attract pests and take immediate measures to ensure that they never materialize.

Add a Personal Stake in Outdoor Space with a Picnic Table

Add a personal stake in outdoor space with a picnic table

If you have young children in your house, you must understand the importance of playing outdoors. Leaving the children inside the home with television and cell phone might sound like a good idea but it does more damage to the child. Outdoor activity should be an important part of your child’s routine and it should be encouraged by you. Spend quality time with your children at a park or in your garden. You can read, host a party or have snacks in the outdoor. A quintessential requirement for the same is a wood picnic table. The table can give you a personal space where you can eat your lunch, host meetings and play games with your children.

Take the party outdoors and enjoy quality time with your friends and family.

If you have a garden area, you can enjoy dinner with friends and family on the dining table and chair set. Handcrafted by artisans, the table and chair set has intricate carvings and is highly durable. It is sturdy and made from high quality wood which makes it long lasting and durable. You can add an element of fun anywhere in your garden with a simple addition of the picnic table. It will become your child’s favorite hangout spot where they can read, paint, eat and spend time with Mother Nature. You can also decorate the chairs with bright colored cushions or pillows. If the picnic table is set right below a tree, you can brighten up the spot with lights and hanging pots.

Available in a number of style and designs, the picnic table is long lasting and does not require maintenance. It will stand strong through all the weather conditions and will be an ideal place for you to host parties. Considering the small area occupied by the picnic table, you can place it anywhere inside your porch or garden. You do not require a huge space to set up the table. It should ideally be placed in an area where you can spend time with friends and family and where it is easier to unwind and relax. If your house is located on the hills or near the beach, you can set up the picnic table in the garden and make the most of the beautiful view. Depending on the frequency of use, you can choose the size of the table and the design for the same.

An important part of your outdoors

Picnic table will be the most important furniture which will be a part of your outdoors. You can make or break the look with the right picnic table. Choose a sturdy wooden table that lasts longer and can be used for various purposes. Most importantly, opt for a table that is light in weight so that you can conveniently move it around with ease. Wood picnic tables blend in easily in any surrounding, especially with the trees and grass. Wood is highly durable and does not rot. You can easily paint the picnic table in the color and style you want. They usually come with a metal framing which will support the table for years and even if you have to replace, you will only be required to replace the metal planks.

Lightweight picnic table and chair for your outdoors

There are intricate designs and styles available in wooden tables for you to choose from. You can consider the area of your garden and porch before making the choice. You can also match the table with the wooden swing inside your porch in order to maintain a theme throughout the place. Picnic tables will be loved by children since they can spend time outdoors and enjoy their own activities with ease. Kids love outdoors and with a table and chair, they will be able to host parties and enjoy their meals in the garden. You can also spend some quiet time reading and relaxing in the company of Mother Nature. If you have seasonal guests, you can easily move the furniture inside the porch when not in use. If you regularly host friends, the table and chair will add functionality to the space and elevate your outdoors. You no longer need to arrange for separate tables and chairs when your guests arrive. You can use the table to place the snacks and crockery while the guests enjoy the time in your garden. The light in weight furniture is easy to clean and maintain. It will not require a replacement for a long period of time.


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