Newborn Nursery Decorating Tips

Newborn Nursery Decorating Tips

As you’re waiting for your bundle of joy to arrive, it’s time to decorate their nursery! This will help all you moms-to-be with those feelings of nesting, while slowly but surely creating a place for you to relax and nurture your new baby.

Don’t know where to start? Here’s a guide on some newborn nursery decorating tips to help get you inspired.

Think simple and classic

It is easy to forget that you’ll most likely be redecorating this room in a few years, so make sure to keep simple and classic themes in the forefront of your mind when you’re coming up with your decor. Despite popular belief, you don’t always have to choose a theme that is “baby specific”. Instead, you can simply go with a muted color scheme, a few pictures, a chair, and complementary bedding.

As an additional tip: instead of painting a full mural on the wall, consider choosing a nice solid color and picking removable wall and ceiling decals. Some colors to consider are ivory, pale green, lavender, navy blue, gray, and tan.

Invest in furniture that will last

It is incredibly tempting to buy furniture that is marketed specifically for a nursery, but you’ll want to focus on functional furniture rather than pretty furniture. This means you should only purchase pieces that you can use for multiple years to come. Think cribs that can turn into toddler beds, rocking chairs that can become a reading nook, and side tables that have additional storage built right in.

In addition, to ensure your furniture lasts for a while, you’ll want to invest in pieces that aren’t too trendy. Clean lines, muted colors, and pieces without removable hardware are good options. as they won’t become hazards when your child grows.

Get creative with pictures

You don’t have to go overboard with pictures in the nursery; all you need are a couple of focal pieces and you will be set. Consider going an alternative route and print your pictures on an Instagram canvas, where you can pick a picture from your social media profile, upload it, and receive a beautiful piece of artwork to display! A popular idea is to pick a picture of you and your partner, so your child can always have a picture of you both to look at.

Ask for decor at your baby shower

In addition to your canvas prints, asking for decor at your baby shower will add a loving touch to the newborn’s room. Chances are, you already have a lot of outfits and essentials already, so why not fill the child’s room with decorative pieces from those who love them?

Keep everything within reach of the changing table

You’ll soon have a wriggling baby you need to attend to, so make sure everything you can possibly need is within arm’s reach of the changing table. This includes wipes, cream, towels, outfits, onesies, favorite toys (to use as a distraction) an extra bottle or pacifier, and the garbage. A simple changing table with a few drawers can work wonders for your convenience.

Only include bare minimum bedding

Baby blankets and sheets are not only soft, but they’re adorable! So it can be hard creating the perfect sleep situation for your child, as you will likely want to buy everything. However, stick to the bare minimum when it comes to things that go inside their crib: a fitted sheet, one blanket, and a stuffed animal. Too many other things can create a suffocation hazard.

With these tips in mind, you’ll be on your way to creating the perfect environment for your brand new little one.

4 Reasons Why “Conscious Uncoupling” Doesn’t Work

4 Reasons Why “Conscious Uncoupling” Doesn’t Work

With rising levels of divorce, breakups and relationship challenges, many people are looking for new ways to approach relationships and how they end. We live in an age where are a lot of people are trying unconventional relationships, and new ways to approach long-term love. All of it is an attempt for people to find happiness in alternative ways. Divorce is a traumatic and challenging time, so much so that people have tried to find less painful ways to end their partnerships.

This is where “conscious uncoupling” comes in, a term that has been around for a long time, but popularized by Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin’s divorce. It’s a process that aims for an amicable split where both parties heal from the detachment and transition into singlehood in a smoother way. The question is does it actually work? Will “conscious uncoupling” save you from the trauma of divorce, and help you your ex emerge as loving friends?

I don’t think it’s really that simple when it comes to splitting up. There are certain truths about the process of divorce that contradict “conscious uncoupling” entirely. It’s actually for this reason that people need to go down the legal route. Here are few reasons we believe conscious uncoupling doesn’t work.

Celebrities Are Different From Us

Just because conscious uncoupling worked for Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin, doesn’t mean it works for every average Joe and Jane. Celebrities have more money, more lifestyle options to choose from, and their approach to relationships might differ from us. They can also afford every alternative therapy and expensive lawyer under the sun, which eases the path a bit.

Emotion Has No Formula

Breaking up with someone isn’t like getting into shape by following a diet and exercise program which is quite formulaic. The steps you need to take in that are logical, but divorce is all about emotion. It’s basically a grieving process where you go through all the stages including denial, anger and sadness. And people experience these things differently, in different order and in different time frames. It’s hard to put a definite process on something that’s quite unpredictable and human.

It Doesn’t Account For Betrayal

A lot of marriages don’t end because the flame just fizzled out. Sometimes really terrible things happen that make it impossible for people to patch things up. What if there was infidelity and the cheating partner once to move on? What if one partner destroyed the family because of addiction? What if the resulting feelings are just too bitter for people to just “uncouple”. Unravelling from a bitter divorce is a completely different monster, and no amount of “conscious uncoupling” can make this easier. Sometimes the love is completely gone and it gets replaced with contempt. It will take the parties a lot longer to recover from that.

People Can’t Uncouple Together

Imagine you’re breaking up with someone and all you want is to be away from them. But now you have to uncouple with them, and that means going through the process of breaking up along with them. Sounds a bit contradictory right? Sometimes in a breakup what people need is space, time to unravel on their own and get used to the new normal. So that means dealing with these feelings alone, not alongside someone else who is also going through their own challenging process.

Even with the best intentions and most amicable terms divorce is traumatic. You just can’t circumvent the pain. Because you’ve built a life with someone, and hoped it would last forever, there’s an inevitable grieving process you just can’t avoid. The idea of conscious uncoupling puts people under pressure to feel a certain way, when all the feelings that come with divorce are pretty natural. It’s quite unrealistic to expect divorce to just be as simple as signing papers. There’s going to be resentment, pain and indecision and many more really tough feelings and experiences.

But in conclusion, this doesn’t mean that divorce has to be an entirely negative process. People do eventually heal from divorce but it can take years honestly. It might also take therapy and a lot of other hard emotional work. Doing a divorce through a lawyer isn’t a sign of failure, it’s knowing that you need someone to step in and make sure both sides get heard. According to divorce lawyers, Annutto Law, “a divorce settlement can be reached without acrimony and major conflict, and that greatly rests on the professionalism of the lawyers and their ability to want the best for not only the couple, but for the kids as well.”


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