Benefits Beyond the Ages: Big Reasons Board Games are Still a Favorite Family Pastime

Benefits Beyond the Ages: Big Reasons Board Games are Still a Favorite Family Pastime

An American classic in family entertainment fun, the traditional board game is more than mere nostalgia. Board games are valuable developmental and socialization tools known to stimulate mental acuity, and responsible human interaction. A pastime that everyone can enjoy, the board game offers benefits not always found in the more recently introduced video game formats now comprising much of the gaming market.

Developmental Benefits

The benefits of board games for child development associated with family closeness and communication supports the idea that parental and sibling interaction is essential to a child’s evolving self-identity as a reasoned and socially adept thinker. Considered to be beneficial for modeling cognitive and behavioral norms during a child’s formative years, board game play interactions advance critical thinking skills identification of cause and effect, hand-eye, and motor skills coordination, self-esteem building, as well as the psychological conditioning of “sportsmanship” style winning and losing reactions.

Learning Benefits

The learning benefits of table top games like Clue, Trivial Pursuit and Scrabble are unmatched. The trend in conversion and redesign of traditional games in digital app form illustrates that the board game is not passé. As new formats are innovated, the board game will continue to be an inspiration in the development and innovation of these new interactive gaming technologies. How board games are framed has much to do with their efficacy as learning tools. Board game players are encouraged to tackle challenges with pure reasoning.

Learning benefits associated with board game play are associated with core knowledge building elements. New lexicons or taxonomies innate to the protocol of a game, foster language acquisition and deductive reasoning in the context of play. Adoption of board games by education institutions as instructional tools, support the argument that gaming interactions have the potential to improve student test performance. Board games boost analytical ability. If a student is conditioned to respond to a game challenge with precision, and in a decisive manner, demonstrated the impact of the interactive gaming experience is invaluable to the learning process.

Sociability Benefits

The interactive board game is a simulated environment, where the breakdown social barriers are made possible. In many cases, board games offer a participatory model based on team consensus building. Popular board games Monopoly, Trouble and Sorry luck set the stage for imminent win or lose. Competitive board games may also offer players opportunities to outwit opponents in high-risk scenarios and exhibit sportsmanship to stay in the game. Deep socialization of norms and mores takes place, as players agree on shared decisions, as well as turn taking, waiting, and coping with losses.

Mental Health Benefits

Board games are also thought to be exceptional for assisting dementia patients undergoing memory treatment. Believed to increase cognition and recollection, the mental health benefits of regular board game playing reduce the signs of memory loss have the potential of improving the quality of life for patients through interactive play with tools that stimulate the mind.

Adapting Your Bathroom to Accommodate an Elderly Relative

Adapting Your Bathroom to Accommodate an Elderly Relative

These days, multi-generational families are not as unusual as they used to be. Once again, people are choosing to live together as one big family.

I know quite a few families where three, sometimes four, generations are living together under one roof. Usually, this is because older relatives have found themselves no longer able to look after themselves, and understandably, they have not wanted to move into a care home.

In some cases, the family has had the space to set up a separate living area for their relative. But for most families, this is not possible. In that situation, everyone has to share the same space.

Overall, after a few months of getting used to each other, these living arrangements still work out well. Usually, an elderly relative can easily get around and use most of the rooms in the house. However, there is one exception, and that is the bathroom.

Why it is wise to adapt your bathroom

For someone that finds it hard to get around, an ordinary family bathroom can be a potentially dangerous place. It is all too easy for an elderly person who is not steady on their feet to slip and fall. Often, they simply do not have enough dexterity to get in and out of the shower or bath safely.

Fortunately, it is not difficult to adapt your bathroom and turn it into a safe place for your elderly relative to use. These days companies like Better Bathrooms sell everything you need, which enables you to do most of the work yourself and keep the cost down.

The changes you should consider making

What changes you need to make depends largely on how strong and healthy your elderly relative is. Most of the enhancements can be done on an as needed basis. For example, there is no point in installing a hinged grab rail next to the toilet if the older members of your household do not need to use it. You are far better off waiting until they need an aid like that and installing it then.

Bath and shower grab rails

The majority of bathroom accidents happen when people are getting in and out of the bath or shower. Therefore, the first enhancement you should consider making is installing grab rails in those areas.

A shower seat

Adding a shower seat is usually also a good idea. Being able to sit down allows someone with limited mobility to wash their lower extremities without the risk of losing their balance.

A walk-in bath

If older members of the household suffer from debilitating conditions like arthritis, you may want to consider installing a walk in bath, as well. Being able to enjoy a long soak will ease their aches and pains as well as improve their ability to stay mobile during the day. These baths look just like an ordinary bath does, it just has a door in the side, which enables the user to walk into it rather than have to climb in.

The above covers the main adaptations, but you can read more about bathroom safety for seniors, here.


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