Quirky Gift Ideas for the TV Fanatic in Your Life

Quirky Gift Ideas for the TV Fanatic in Your Life

Everyone has that one friend or family member that’s always difficult to buy for. Whether it’s for a birthday, Christmas or another holiday there’s nothing worse than being stuck for a gift idea.

But, with a little extra thought and time, you can make someone feel really special, and what could be better than that? 

Have you considered their hobbies? Although it might still be difficult to buy something within your budget for someone who enjoys skydiving…a gift that captures someone’s love of their favourite TV show, might just be right up their alley.

Business Cards

Pop culture and the popularity of TV shows has never been stronger, and luckily for us, that makes finding a gift that pays homage to a character or show has never been easier. A visit to smartsign.com can provide you with some inspiration. Including business cards for pop culture’s best characters. An ideal stocking filler idea.


As you probably already know, being able to watch all the most popular shows isn’t always cheap, especially if they’re not available on free to view stations. This is where a monthly subscription could come in. Whether it’s a subscription for 6 months to a film streaming service or a device that allows them to access a networks original programmes, subscriptions are always a welcomed gift!

Branded Clothing

If your recipient isn’t shy when it comes to letting everyone know what their favourite show might be, then official merchandise branded with logos, characters faces, infamous scenes or brilliant one liners would be ideal. The options are truly endless, with everything available from T-shirts, to hats, bags, hoodies and even underwear! With an endless list of retailers to choose from, just be sure you’re getting good quality merchandise for your money.

Office Supplies/Stationary

For something a little more subtle, why not consider searching for office supplies or stationary? A quirky mug with a quote, a coaster with a characters face on it, perhaps a desk fan, a large water bottle or stickers to put on every inch of their computer or laptop.

Experience days

If a few small gifts just won’t cut it, then why not go big? Did you know that many gift providers offer day trips and overnight experiences to the sets where many TV shows are filmed? And most allow the time and date of the tour to be chosen by you when it is booked, so there’s no need to worry about time off.

This could be a fully dedicated tour, with show experts giving away secrets of the show. A tour guide showing the inner workings of the dressing room and makeup or props department. A true, in-depth guide for all die-hard fans.

Or, this could be something you arrange yourself. A trip or weekend away to a location or building where a famous scene was shot. A road trip to all the places that have since become famous since your TV show used them on-screen.

Some Alternative Style Choices for Autumn 2017

Some Alternative Style Choices for Autumn 2017

Some Alternative Style Choices for Autumn 2017

Autumn season is always an interesting time of the year, especially when it comes to fashion. There is always a lot going on as designers switch from floaty, thin warm weather items of clothing to thicker, heavier winter clothes.

Each year brings new and interesting trends, and 2017 is no exception. If you are looking for something bright and beautiful, there are loads of great options. Here are some of my favourites…

Get Your Boots On

When it comes to women’s boots, there is a huge amount of choice available. This year, I suspect that most people will be wearing boots rather than other styles of footwear.

Disco Ball Boots Anyone

If you are looking to stand out from the crowd a pair of Disco Ball boots is the way to go. These beautiful glittery style boots are surprisingly versatile. They look especially good paired with the right black, red or purple dress. You can also wear them with jeans, as well as for parties.

However, if you do this you need to bear in mind that they are likely to shed some of their glitter. So, if they are an essential component of your favourite party outfit, it is better to keep them in the wardrobe and only wear them occasionally.

Shiny Gold Lame Dresses

This season, designers have definitely fallen in love with shiny fabrics. There are some great-looking gold lame dresses available. If gold is not your colour, do not worry, because there are plenty of shiny silver dresses, skirts and tops to choose from.

Stunning Knitwear


For many years, knitwear has been a bit out of fashion. This is a real shame because the art of knitting allows you to create virtually any pattern or style of clothing.

A Great Alternative to a Traditional Coat

One of the most interesting items of knitwear I have seen is the coatigan. It looks like a long coat, but because it is knitted it could also be described as an extremely long cardigan. Potentially you can wear it over jeans, but it could just as easily be worn over a suit or as an alternative to a house coat. However, they are smart enough to wear over a suit or dress for your commute to work.

It is important to buy one that is well made and from a durable mix. A bouclé style fabric made from manmade fibres will keep its shape better than one made from wool in a more traditional knit.

Interesting Prints

These days clothing manufacturers have access to cutting edge print techniques. This has enabled them to create new and surprisingly different effects.

Printed Denim

Taking denim and printing a pattern on it produces really interesting results. This year, look out for Jacquard and paisley patterned jeans. They look great and go with a surprising array of different tops.

Print Tops

This year, there is an amazing array of different print tops to choose from. Modern fashion designers are using them in innovative ways in new printed fabrics to produce truly fresh looking tops, blouses and t-shirts.

If you are unsure about wearing print fabrics, take the time to read this article. When you read it, you will learn how to choose the right type or print clothing for you and learn how to successfully mix and match them with items that you already have in your wardrobe.

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