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  1. Jody Cowan says:

    No this year our family is coming to us!

  2. Christina Strapp says:

    No we are staying home this year

  3. Michael Lambert says:

    No traveling this year

  4. Sheila Vives says:

    Traveling ? Only between the refrigerator and the computer 🙂 Can’t be missing your tweets !

  5. No, we’re staying at home this year.

  6. Amelia Pickens says:

    Nope this year we are staying home.

  7. Not traveling this year, thanks!

  8. Elisabeth Wellington says:

    not going anywhere

  9. Vickie Mason says:

    Traveling to my brother’s house, but its only a few blocks away.

  10. Megan Gabriele says:

    Traveling about 30 minutes to my aunts house for Christmas with the Family.

  11. I won’t be travelling this time.


    No Hoping to stay home and go nowhwere lol So far so good

  13. David Miller says:

    staying home

  14. I wish but we cant 🙁

  15. John Ray Pantaleon says:

    No, we are just staying at home.

  16. I am trying to get to ATLANTIC City for New years week but I am short on dough. Hoping for the best!

  17. I am going to see my parents in Illinois which means a long drive from Michigan.

  18. we usually stay at home during the holidays… maybe when kids are all grown up we could stay out of town or country, hopefully…
    merry christmas!

  19. johnny-amy lynn says:

    Yes…To my moms in NorthEast TN!!!

  20. Rachel Beltz says:

    I’m just hanging home for the holidays! 🙂

  21. Alyssa Waters says:

    Two little ones ages 3 & 1…….. I think we will stay home

  22. Just a short distance this year for 2 Christmas get togethers, and One is at our home. =)

  23. cindy mckean says:

    No, not traveling this year.

  24. Katie Amanda says:

    I’m only traveling an hour away.

  25. Mitchie Talavera says:

    No, we’ll just stay at home this holiday season.

  26. Kathy Clark says:

    Going to NJ to visit family.

  27. Nope, not going anywhere coz relatives from US will be coming over.

  28. we always stayed at home. we’ll be celebrating with our neighbors. This will again be a wonderful christmas.

  29. colleen boudreau says:

    Nope, no traveling for me.

  30. Alison Anderson Roberson says:

    We are spending the Holidays at the beach!!

  31. Angela Figueiredo says:

    We will be traveling to N.C. to see family 🙂

  32. Not traveling. 🙂 Family are all pretty much coming to our house. 🙂

  33. not traveling to far just about 10miles to family

  34. Nope, never do. I’m staying home where I’m comfy!

  35. veda poff otto says:

    Just had a baby 4 days ago, so we decided to stay home instead of going to his family.

  36. lori higgins says:

    No,we won’t be traveling this year!

  37. courtney hennagir says:

    no way! staying home with no travel stress!

  38. Leslie Guillory says:

    Nowhere ! No money!

  39. Just staying at home and chilling out wd my kid

  40. yes! we’re going to the province for christmas and new year, yay!

  41. No we don’t have any plans to travel this holiday season. We just prefer to stay at home.

  42. Mommy Liza says:

    Yes we are heading to New York for Christmas. Brrrr!

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