iPad Mini Christmas Giveaway Daily Secret Words

Grab the secret word of the day below:

November 10  – Apple

November 11 – Mini

November 12 – Ipad

November 13 – Steve Jobs

November 14 – Ronald Wayne

November 15 – Steve Wozniak

November 16 – Nano

November 17 – Mac

November 18 – Mac Pro

November 19 – Itunes

November 20Apps

November 21Christmas

November 22Gift

November 23Ipod

November 24 – 64 GB

November 25 –  Applelicious

November 26 – Memory

November 27Cupertino

November 28California

November 29Silicone

November 30 –  AAPL

December 1 – Giga

December 2 – Iphone

December 3Facebook

December 4 – Wifi

December 5Retina

December 6 – I Touch

December 7 – Nano

December 8 – Mini

December 9 – Okay

December 10 – Goodluck!



  1. albathistles says:

    Ummm, it’s not showing the secret work for today. The raffle copter thingy is working. ?????

  2. i don’t see any secret words?

  3. Anthony Buenavista says:

    I see the secret word! THANKS!

  4. would love to have this for a christmas gift for household .

  5. christine lmp says:

    would love to win an iPad mini because it would be perfect for my kids as a gift for christmas

  6. Saw the secret word. Thank you!

  7. Marjorie Garcia says:

    saw it…

  8. Jenniperl says:

    I would love to have this for a Christmas gift for my father.

  9. Thanks for a fantastic opportunity

  10. Because it would be the perfect gift for my parents for Christmas this year. 🙂

  11. Anthony Buenavista says:

    64 GB is the word for today!

  12. Anthony Buenavista says:

    Applelicious is the word for today!

  13. Anthony Buenavista says:

    Cupertino is the secret word for today!

  14. Anthony Buenavista says:

    California is the secret word for today!

  15. Anthony Buenavista says:

    Silicone is the secret word for the day!

  16. I would never be able to buy this for me or my kids…. so it would be great to win this and see their faces on Christmas morning!

  17. Anthony Buenavista says:

    AAPL is the secret word for today.

  18. Anthony Buenavista says:

    Giga is the secret word for today!

  19. Anthony Buenavista says:

    Facebook is the secret word for today!

  20. Anthony Buenavista says:

    RETINA is the secret word for today.

  21. Anthony Buenavista says:

    Nano is the secret woed for the day!

  22. Anthony Buenavista says:

    Erratum! The secret word for the day is Nano.

  23. grace concepcion says:


  24. Anthony Buenavista says:

    I got the secret word for today.

  25. Fantastic giveaways! many thanks for this great opportunity!
    secret word is okay
    Have a nice day!

  26. Anthony Buenavista says:

    I never had an iPad or tablet computer! so winning this one would come in handy and of great help!

  27. Love your blog!

  28. Anthony Buenavista says:

    Hello! Thanks for the opportunity!

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