Keep those doorknob dents off your walls

Doorknob Dents

Doorknob dents are one of the most common problems in any contemporary homes of today. However, we all can prevent this from happening and save on wall repairing cost by following the simple tips below:

• Install a door stopper – this is one of the best ways to keep your doorknob from hitting your walls and eventually keep the walls free from dents.
• Peel-off soft wall padding – another way of keeping your wall free from doorknob dents. This is best if your door stopper causes you and your guests’ minor accidents.
• Magnetic Stop – this will inhibits the pulling or pushing of your door thus prevents the door from hitting your wall.
• Spring Stop – this is another form of door stoppers. Have it installed at the back of your door and make sure its longer than your doorknob.

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