The 21 Pack of Coupon Inserts Giveaway!!

insertsWho here is a couponer like me? Well if you are anything like me this is the giveaway for you! We are giving away 21 (YES I SAID 21) inserts to 1 luck winner. This includes (7) of each insert for 9/1/13. So, you would get (7) Smart Source (7) Red Plum & (7) Proctor & Gamble. YAY!!

Also if you are looking for a place to order a weekly subscription Check out Whole Coupon Inserts. They have many options for all your coupon needs.

Weekly East Coast Insert Subscription (Billed Weekly) This is our Easiest option to get all available Newspaper inserts each week (RP,SS,PG). You will be billed once per week on the day you sign up. (cutoff 5:00 PM EST Thursday before they come out) This option includes an equal number of each insert out per week to equal your subscription (example if you subscribe to 12 inserts and RP & SS are out you will get 6 of each)

Now for the giveaway Enter below and good luck!

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  1. melacat says:

    Walmart, IGA

  2. Mishelle says:

    I enjoy going to Price Chopper! 🙂

  3. Vickie Riddle says: WalMart

  4. Josilyn H says:

    Walmart mostly.

  5. Lori Davis says:

    I shop Publix, Winn-Dixie, Walmart, Cvs, Walgreens, and Target mostly.

  6. Kim Reid says:

    I shop at Kroger, Publix and Walmart most of the time, thanks!

  7. Miranda A. says:

    I shop Publix, Walmart and CVS.

  8. Nilda R. says:

    Target, Walgreens, CVS, Rite Aid, And Wegmans.

  9. Karen Glatt says:

    Walmart, Safeway, Target, Rite Aid and Walgreens.

  10. dina marie says:

    Stop & SHop , SHoprite & Walmart

  11. Bonnie K says:

    I like to shop at Giant Eagle with coupons and Walmart!

  12. Shop n Save for groceries

  13. Tia Loske says:

    Awesome giveaway!

  14. Kathy Clark says:

    Walmart & Harris teeter

  15. We shop at Price Chopper, and occasionally at Stop & Shop and Shop Rite.

  16. Denise Lloyd says:

    I usually shop at Kroger, CVS & Walmart.

  17. Dalores Lounds says:

    Target, Walgreens, and Meijer.

  18. Cheryl Saves says:

    I mix and match stores depending on sales; Walgreens, Shop n save, Walmart, Schnucks and Deirbergs.

  19. Debra Bradley says:

    Mostly at a military commissary.

  20. I normally shop at Kroger. Aldi’s for my non coupon deals. Here lately Dollar General as its right up the street from me 🙂

  21. Amanda Selenke says:

    hyvee and price chopper

  22. Judy Bradley says:

    I shop where the sales are

  23. Kmart CVS and Shop-Rite

  24. Target, Walgreens, Piggly Wiggly

  25. Walmart, Smiths and Maceys

  26. natosha irwin says:

    i go to walmart, save a lot, aldi’s and local grocery stores.

  27. Target, Walgreens


    Walmart a lot but also Kroger and Kmart, alittle Pebbles for kids clothes. There isn’t a lot of choice in this town. Rarely Kroger

  29. Tammy Weikel says:

    Kroger, family dollar, SAMs club, rite aide

  30. jeanette evans says:


  31. Susan Broughton says:

    We are really trying to save money so we shop at several stores. Some of the top ones are Dollar General, Walmart, Aldi, and Krogers. We live in a VERY small town so options are limited.

  32. Tonya Payne says:

    Food Lion, Kroger and Walmart

  33. Terri Costello says:

    Tops and target

  34. Crystal says:

    I usually shop at Food Lion or Harris Teeter

  35. Bridget Lavin Patterson says:

    Rite aid, CVS, ACME and shoprite

  36. Melissa says:

    Walmart, walgreens, cvs, kroger, target, meijer

  37. Nelda Gay says:


  38. Rachel G. says:

    I mostly shop CVS, Safeway, Target, Lucky, Foods Co, Costco, and wherever the good deals are.

  39. Pamela Fisher says:

    Walmart, Kroger, Target

  40. Ingles, walmart, publix

  41. I shop at Walmart, Safeway, Trader Joe’s, and Albertsons

  42. cindy norman says:

    walmart, dillons, walgreens

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