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A chocoholic like me is no stranger to the goodness of Guylian Belgian Chocolates. I got my first box of their sea shell chocolates a couple of years back and fell in love with their exquisite look and taste that is meant to be savored. Needless to say, they are among my top indulgences in comfort food. You can just imagine my elation when I got several Guylian Artisanal Belgian Chocolates for review. I would say Christmas came early for me this year as I get to have two things I love in one package, Guylian chocolates and an opportunity to write about them.

My Guylian loot comprised of individually wrapped chocolate truffles, chocolate truffles, extra dark chocolate truffles, no sugar added dark chocolate bar, no sugar added milk chocolate bar, and limited edition Guylian vanilla cream truffles.

guylian artisanal chocolate review by www.happyhomeandfamily.com

The chocolate truffles remain to be my favorite as they have the smooth and silky texture, rich flavorful combination of 100% Belgian Chocolate and their signature hazelnut filling, and the artistically sculpted look of their chocolates are pretty much like the Original Chocolate Sea Shells from my first taste of Guylian.

guylian truffel

These are truffles that you eat in small bites then savor the smell, texture and taste by allowing it to slowly melt in your mouth. The Individually Wrapped Truffles are basically marbled seahorse chocolates that are packaged individually. I prefer the boxed chocolates because I do enjoy seeing their artisan creations while enjoying the chocolates. However, the individually wrapped ones are quite handy for bringing along wherever we go. So, that’s a big yes for these choco singles.

I am not a fan of dark chocolate but I somehow find it difficult to resist the Extra Dark Chocolate Truffles from Guylian. They are made with 74% extra dark Belgian Chocolate and filled with dark hazelnut praline at the center. I appreciated the intense flavor created by combining two dark flavors. It actually feels more like chocolate liquor melting in your mouth, something that hard core chocoholics will definitely love. This Guylian variant actually won 3 Stars Superior Taste Awards from the International Taste & Quality Institute last 2010.

The No Sugar Added versions of Guylian chocolates are not so bad either. They are perfect treats to those who need to watch their sugar without sacrificing taste and flavors of their chocolates. Malitol serves as a sugar alternative to these sugarless chocos.

Last but not the least is the Limited Edition Vanilla Cream Truffles. These are also marbled white and milk Belgian chocolates just like the classic Guylian chocolates. However, instead of hazelnut filling they have white chocolate vanilla cream at the center. Just like the hazelnut filling, you’ll know that they did not scrimp on quality and flavors in these silky white centers.

 GuylianArtisanalBelgianChocolatesGiftBoxes2_zps7fbdf570 Now if I made you crave for these yummy chocolates, you can get  the Guylian Artisanal Belgian Chocolate at: http://shop.guylianbelgianchocolate.com/ And because Guylian are so generous, here’s a coupon code to get 10% off your purchase through the end of the year! code: Chocolate10

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  1. This chocolate looks and sounds SO good. I just might have to try it!

  2. Ivana Jankovic says

    This looks so delicious but I think can’t find it in my country…

  3. Sylvia Zajis says

    I love these chocolates, I always get them when visiting Barnes and Noble.

  4. Linda Heng says

    I’m a big fan of chocolates and the Guylian chocolates looks so good! I have to try it! The Christmas themed boxes are perfect to giveaway during the holidays 🙂

  5. I wonder why I have not tried these chocolates. Will definitely check them out.

  6. md kennedy says

    I love Guylian, and always buy the seashell ones when I see them (and have a few spare bucks in my pocket!). They also make a great gift.

  7. Guylian chocolates are amazing and they look deliciously AMAZING!

  8. Katie Heath says

    wow, my mouth is watering right now! these look delicious!!

  9. Lisa Lancaster says

    I think I need to had some of this chocolate to my Christmas list

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