11 Beauty Tips for Newly-Wed Wives


New brides face the danger of the sloppy -housewife syndrome when their honeymoon ends, says a leading psychiatrist. “The wedding day is the most exciting day in a woman’s life,” he explains. “On that day she is the star, she is perfection, but then the honeymoon is over and the beautiful bride finds herself in the supermarket and in other unglamorous places.

Here are 11 beauty tips for newly-wed wives to avoid the sloppy-housewife look:

1. Don’t take the attitude of “Oh, well, who’ll notice when I’m on the street that I have big rollers in my hair?” homemaker
Friends of yours will notice. You will lose face in the community if you walk around with those big, lumpy rollers on your head. Learn to wear an attractive scarf. Always cover your curlers when you are wearing them in public or when your husband is home.

2. Don’t use the excuse “I have no .time.” Make time!

3. Put aside a special little place for your “toilette,” something you can do in a hurry. That might mean even a special little place in the kitchen where you can keep your scarf and extra lipstick, powder, a comb and a brush and whatever else you need.

4. Don’t wear an old beat-up housecoat because “I can’t afford anything else.” There are many very attractive housecoats and dusters available now that will not strain your purse. You could also make one.

5. Give up wearing something ugly, worn and beat-up because you feel comfortable in it. Some women grow attached to old garments and just can’t give them up. Throw your old garments out if they’re past their usefulness.

6. Keep a special robe to wear when your husband is coming home. Take the time to change into your nicer housecoat and to freshen up a little.

7. If you like to wear comfortable shoes while working in the house, that’s okay, but don’t wear them out into the street or when your husband is home. Keep an extra pair around that is fresh.

8. Note any complaints about your appearance that your husband voices. You might be able to tell if he is displeased just by a look or a glance. Try to pick up on this. Decide for yourself if your husband, secretly, doesn’t like the way you look. He may just be afraid to tell you so.

9. Children also may not note it if their mother has an appearance that they consider sloppy. If to pick your child up from school, you go looking like a tired laundry woman, the child may feel embarrassed in front of his friends. So take care when you’re out with your children in school or in public.

10. Develop a sense of personal pride in your appearance. Often, after the honeymoon, when faced with the many tasks of marriage, a woman loses a certain amount of self-pride. She sees herself as the houseworker, the maid and jack-of-all-trades in the house. Review your attitudes and concentrate on the positive aspects of your marriage.

11. Take time off to do some sewing and to replenish your wardrobe. If you’ve been going around in curlers, slippers and beat-up housecoats, you need a “lift.” Home sewing may be the answer to all your problems.


  1. AbigailTaylor12 says

    I’ve been trying to subscribe to your rss feed but it’s telling me “XML-RPC not enabled”. Please let me know when it’s fixed. Thanks! 🙂

  2. The real issue is carving out time for you and if you are a new mother and/or have young children – it is difficult. As an older mother (2 boys at 39 and 40/15 mos apart now 9 and 10) that managed a very high volume claim operation I lost almost 4 years because I was busy caregiving everyone including my parents. It goes beyond clothing but clothing, nice undergarments are a natural “anti-depressant” for women – it makes us feel new and fun – and you don’t have to spend a lot of money – some of my fav pieces are from WalMart, Target JC Penneys (great sales) – always on sale. Old Navy has all cotton pieces – that breathe make you feel great. Finally if you have the “village support) like I did, I started to move and excercise and my mojo is hotter than when I was in my 20’s.
    Just thought I’d share my experience- looking good means feeling good and vice versa – always find time for yourself be it reading a book, having a quiet cup of coffee – enlist friends and family and be each other’s family and finally : hang with gal pals and talk about everthing and nothing- laugh share be honest and NO judging.


  3. hi

    i love your blog. thanks for feeding our curiosity & encouragement to be fabulous. I’m stay at home mom with 2 kids& most of the time i wear old clothes. because i don’t want to wash good clothes very often. i dress up only in the evening when we go out. i save all my dresses for special occation. my question is what should i wear whole day when i’m doing house cleaning & stuff like that. if i do how can i maintain good clothes. any good tips please
    thank you

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