4 Global Styles to Try in Your Home

4 Global Styles to Try in Your Home

Inspiration is everywhere. So, when you’re looking to energize and refresh your living spaces, take a few design cues from different cultures around the world.

Find inspiration in the Zen-like spaces of the Far East or look to the minimalist designs of the Nordic regions to bring a clean, comfortable vibe to your home.

Ready for a new, refreshed look? Get started with these four global styles.

1. Vibrant: Moroccan Style

Do you love bright colors? Searching for a way to bring exotic styles into your home? Then a little Moroccan style might be just what you need.

Both dramatic and luxurious, Moroccan style combines various design elements, textures and patterns, including mosaic tiles, intricately designed wood furniture items and rich colored textiles, for a look that’s distinct and lacks no shortage of flair.

When it comes to Moroccan style, it’s not uncommon to bring pieces of the outdoors inside. Thus, consider adding exotic plants like banana trees or papyrus in vibrant colorful baskets or pots for a true Moroccan feel.

2. Minimalist: Scandinavian Design

Minimalism and functionality are the two key components in Scandinavian design. Inspired by the Nordic region, Scandinavian style commonly features a muted color palette composed of varying shades of gray and natural textures such as jute or burlap.

While most Scandinavian-style homes closely follow a monochrome theme, some feature a vibrant pop of color. In most cases, that color is a bright blue hue. With that in mind, maximize your Scandinavian style with a stylish corner sofa in Scandinavia’s favorite color.

You can also dress it up in wool blankets and mohair throws for added texture and comfort from season to season.

3. Warm and Rustic: Spanish Interiors

Old-world and contemporary styles come together in Spanish style. Elements such as hand-painted Mexican pottery and colorful textiles add character and flair to Spanish-style homes. From painted talavera tiles to bright, golden walls, color is widely embraced in this decor style.

This decor style also features natural elements like wood beams on high ceilings or kitchen islands made from Sabino wood. Decorative talavera tiles can be used in a myriad of ways.

Consider incorporating these unique tiles on your kitchen backsplash and countertops or use them alongside hand-painted his-and-her bathroom sinks. Indeed, there are various ways to incorporate this style throughout your home.

4. Zen: Japanese-Inspired

Turn your gaze to the Far East for some Zen-like inspiration. Often evoking a sense of peace, Japanese design focuses on an uncluttered look, as well as balance in every detail. Bring harmony and peace to your home by embracing the minimalist design elements of Japanese interior design.

To do so, embrace open spaces and natural light by keeping the windows throughout your living spaces clear, as there’s no need for heavy drapes. Instead, opt for sheer curtain panels or simple bamboo shades.

Colors derived from the greens of plants and natural elements like wood or bamboo or the color of smooth gray stones dominate the Japanese style color palette. For an addition that truly embodies Japanese style, consider carving out a corner of your home for meditation or yoga.

Get Inspired by Other Cultural Designs

Deciding how to overhaul and redecorate your home can be challenging, but know that plenty of inspiration can be found from different cultures throughout the world. From East to West, and the places found in between, look to these global styles to refresh your space, wherever you call home.

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