4 Tips For Reassuring Kids At Bedtime

4 Tips For Reassuring Kids At Bedtime


Babies and children tend to go through stages of being great sleepers for long periods of time, only to have a sudden bump in the road.  When this happens, tired parents can become desperate to find a solution to get their once upon a time great sleepers back on track.


Sometimes it’s a result of seeing a scary movie, fearing the dark, or even just developmental changes which can change their patterns. Even though it can make moms and dads frustrated and often hopeless, it’s entirely possible to encourage them to trust bedtime and eliminate fear.


If your child has started displaying signs of uneasiness or fear at night, try these tips to get them back on track.


Give Them a Comforting Object


Often children need to be reassured that their beds are a safe place where they don’t need to be afraid.  Although ideally, they’d love it if their parents could stay in the room with them, sometimes they need a replacement.


One of the best ways to get them to feel comforted throughout the night is to put them to bed with a comforting object.  You can give them a fuzzy blanket, or perhaps a stuffed animal of their choice.  Remind them that this is their special object which will keep them safe.  


Some parents spray it with their perfume or cologne so that it smells like mom and dad which often works wonders at making the children feel like it’s an extension of their parents.


Use a Nightlight


Since children’s minds are developing at a rapid rate, their imaginations can start to become incredibly vivid.  In situations such as sitting in the dark, they may begin to imagine all sorts of scenarios with their overly active imaginations.


A nightlight can be a great solution to allowing them to see what’s actually in the room instead of what their imaginations see.  Make sure that it’s not too bright but rather a nice dim glow. Rather than keeping them awake, it gives them a calm, reassuring sensation.


Be Consistent


Kids thrive off of routine and consistency.  Try to make bedtime the same boring routine every night so that they know what to expect.  A nighttime routine can be anything from taking a bath and reading a story, to singing a lullaby together.


Remaining consistent will teach them that bedtime isn’t a negotiation but a solid routine which happens the same every day.


Use a Reward System


For children who are having a particularly difficult time staying in bed, using a reward system can be a great solution.  Each night that they successfully go to sleep without getting up or causing a fuss, they will be rewarded.  In many cases, a behavior chart can come in handy for rewarding good bedtime habits.


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