5 Second Wedding Strategies to Blending Your Family

5 Second Wedding Strategies to Blending Your Family

In today’s world of relationships and divorce, it’s quite common for a person to walk down the aisle twice during their lifetime. In the past, second marriages were celebrated in a discreet and quiet fashion. But rules have changed, and many couples are celebrating their second marriage in a big way. If you have children, and you’re looking for them to be excited about blending the family together, the following strategies can prove helpful.

Make Kids Part of the Planning

As a parent, you probably go out of your way to protect your children and keep them safe. If you’ve decided to remarry after a divorce or death of a spouse, you may want to ensure that your kids feel comfortable with the new situation. To help prepare for your upcoming nuptials, ask your kids if they will help you prepare for the special day. There are a number of ways you can include your kids such as the tasting menu. If your children’s eyes light up at the mention of sweets, ask them to come to the wedding cake tasting appointment. Besides food, you can also involve your children in stamping and addressing wedding invitations or picking out songs to dance to at the reception. Any type of involvement is sure to make your kids feel like an important part of the family.

Select Memorable Gifts

You’ll want to thank your attendants and mark this special day with gifts for the groomsmen and bridesmaids. Wallets, glassware, engraved totes and personalized picture frames are unique and thoughtful ideas. If you’re blending families, you may also want to celebrate your wedding as a family with a token of love for your children. Have a sign board made with the marriage date and names of each family member. You can then display it in the entryway to your home for everyone to see upon entering. Jewelry may also be a memorable token of love such as an engraved necklace, bracelet or watch.  

Add a Friend or Two to the Guest List

There are a number of roles kids can play at your wedding such as walking you down the aisle, handing out programs, acting as ring bearer or flower girl and attending guests. Once they’re done with their task, you want your child to have as much fun at the wedding as you and your other guests. Let your son or daughter ask a friend or two to be their guest. Although this will add to the cost of the wedding, your children will have more fun when they’re surrounded with people close to their age. If your children are young adults, allow them to include their girlfriend or boyfriend in the celebration.

Include them in the Ceremony

The wedding ceremony is usually about vows made between the couple. But another popular exchange during a wedding is vows made to the children by the new parent. The touching exchange is a great way to let the child know that you promise to be there for them, to love them and take care of them. If your kids are older, they may have special duties such as reciting a poem or bible reading. It’s also becoming quite popular for kids to take on the roles of best man or maid of honor. If you’re handing out programs, include your children’s names. For children who are musically inclined, ask them to play an instrument or sing a song during the ceremony.

Assign Kids a Real Role

Your children’s lives are going to be different after you say, “I do.” To help them to be more accepting of new bonds, you want them to play a real role at the reception. Your child’s age is critical as it can determine the specific job duty you assign them. If your kids are high school age or older, you may want to give them the task of making a toast. If your kids are younger in age or shy, you can bond with a special song or dance. When a particular song is played, your kids can dance with the new parents. Let them help pick out their favorite tunes they would like to share.  

The presence of kids at your nuptials when trying to blend the families is important, especially if your children are having difficulties accepting the new arrangement. To help start your journey down the right path, you’ll want to incorporate the above tips from the planning stages down to the reception.  

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