7 Questions Every Expectant Mom is Asking in the Third Trimester of Pregnancy

7 Questions Every Expectant Mom is Asking in the Third Trimester of Pregnancy

The third trimester of pregnancy is when everything begins to feel more real for the expectant mother. Particularly if this is your first child, during the first two trimesters the notion of the new life that is about to arrive might have seemed a little abstract. But as the day draws nearer, the understanding of what is going to take place asserts itself more and more, and it is only natural to have some questions. Here are seven of the most common ones.

Is Hand and Foot Swelling Normal?

Some women experience swelling of the feet and hands during the third trimester of pregnancy, so yes, it is normal, and you have no cause for alarm. It can often be attributed to a little water retention, and you can combat the issue by staying hydrated. You can also try elevating your hands and feet.

Are There Any Symptoms for Which I Should Be Watching?

While everyone’s body reacts differently to pregnancy, the best thing to do is carefully monitor how you are feeling each day. Cramping, swelling, pain, or discomfort that lasts for longer than a few hours might warrant a trip to your gynecologist.

Should I Get a Device for Timing Contractions?

Many women like to get a device and learn how to time contractions. There are several such products on the market, and they’re affordable and easy to use. They should give you ample warning when the time has come.

Can You Recommend a Pediatrician?

Women who have not had children before will often ask around during this time to see if they can line up a pediatrician for after the birth. You can talk to your current doctor and ask for a recommendation, or you can speak to some relatives or female friends. You want to locate and meet someone with whom you feel you have a rapport.

What Are the Signs of Labor?

Going into labor might be a bit different for each woman, but there are certain universalities that are unmistakable. Once you speak to your doctor, you should have an understanding of what to expect. You ought to have a bag packed and ready to go with everything you’ll need at the hospital.  

Are There Medications I Can Take for the Pain?

The discomfort and pain for childbirth varies for each woman. For some, the process can take a couple of hours or less, and the pain might not be overpowering at all. For others, the birth might take considerably longer, and the sensations will be more difficult to tolerate. Luckily, there are drugs that the hospital can administer that will make things go much more smoothly.

Can My Partner Be There for the Birth?

Your partner can certainly be there for the birth if you wish them to be. As for other family members and friends, the hospital will usually set a limit on the number of people that can be in the room. That is to make the job of the doctor and nursing staff easier.

Birth and the time leading up to it are like nothing else a woman will ever experience, and they are seismic events, the memories of which will last a lifetime. You are about to bring a new life into the world, and there is nothing that can compare to those special, primal moments.

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