7 Tips for Building Your Tiny House!

7 Tips for Building Your Tiny House!


If you haven’t been living under a rock, then you probably have some degree of knowledge about the tiny house movement. Considered a “social movement,” tiny houses aren’t just about a house size preference; it’s a lifestyle. Having a tiny house affords homeowners prime mobility and freedom, less financial burden, and the ability to lead much simpler lives.


To give you some perspective of the tiny house philosophy, consider this: the average size of an American home is around 2,700 square feet, while the average size of tiny home is anywhere between 100 and 400 square feet (they rarely go over 400). If you’re considering going the tiny home route, here are seven tips for building it:


1) Check Your Local Laws

Every state has different laws on what classifies as a tiny home and what the requirements for those homes are. Many people circumvent local laws by building their homes on wheels, which legally classifies them as a camper van and not a home. Certain laws also have regulations on the type of materials you can use to build your home, and where it can be built. Always research your area to gain a better understanding of what’s allowed.


2) Plan Your Layout First

Before you even begin to get to work, you need a solid plan that covers every inch of space. When it comes to tiny homes, every bit of space matters, and a plan allows you to capitalize on the premium space you have. With careful planning, even a small home can seem much bigger. It’s during these early planning stages that you’ll determine some serious space savers: like a sliding door versus a swinging door.


3) Consider Using Metal

Although many of the tiny homes you see on TV shows are constructed from wood, there are many benefits to opting for metal instead. For starters, when you build with metal, your tiny house will be sturdier. And furthermore, you’ll find that many popular types of wood are actually heavier than metal, which will weigh your small home down. After all, weight is a huge issue when it comes to tiny homes, especially if you want your structure to be transportable. Lastly, while homes constructed from other materials tend to lose value over time, metal remains durable and strong.


4) Don’t Try to Downsize Everything

One of the biggest mistakes people make when it comes to making decisions for their tiny home is that they want to downsize everything. However, by simply shrinking all your space, you’re reducing quality of life that the home has to offer. Rather than downsize, think with a multifunctional mind: every bit space should have multiple purposes.


5) Don’t Forget Storage

Tiny homeowners need to use creative storage ideas to make the most of their space, and this is where multi-functionality comes into play. Although you’ll be living minimally, you still need to have some space for your belongings and important items. Here are some cool storage ideas to consider for your plans:


  • Wall shelves that use slats. This allows shelves on a wall to be reorganized and restructured depending on your needs. For example, sometimes you want one long linear shelf, while other time you might need a few shorter shelves for organization.
  • Under floor storage. Think of your creative underfloor storage as the “basement” equivalent for your tiny home.
  • Staircase storage. Staircase storage is synonymous with tiny homes, and it’s a great way make use of functional space.


6) Install Plenty of Windows

It’s a widely accepted fact in design that windows make a space feel bigger. For this reason, you want to try to install as many windows as possible, but it’s important that you choose the right type of glass for the temperature you expect your home to be in. From a lifestyle perspective, large windows also allow you the ability to check out the beautiful views from the comfort of your home when you’re on the road.


7) Look for Inspiration

One of the best ways to get started with designing your ideal home is to look for inspiration. Fortunately, with tiny home craze, there’s plenty of inspiration at your fingertips. Check out this list of tiny home shows—you’ll see how people all around the world are downsizing and making it world. You’ll be able to see different designs, explore how others are approaching multifunctionality, and get a feel for the building process.

Then, use the Web to your advantage; conduct a quick search of beautiful tiny times, and you’ll have hundreds of beautiful images to help motivate you to get going. Check out this tiny homes list to get you started.

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