7 Tips To Help You Stop Drinking Alcohol

7 Tips To Help You Stop Drinking Alcohol

Once you start drinking alcohol, it can be pretty difficult to stop the habit. And if you let yourself be carried away by the drinking, it can end up wrecking your life. You can lose your career, love, family, money, and everything you hold valuable if you continue to drink heavily. In this post, we will look at seven tips that can help you stop drinking alcohol and become fully sober.

  1. Avoid Stocking It

If you have stocked alcohol in your home, then get rid of it quickly. When you have alcohol around your house, the tendency to drink will be very high. For instance, your friends might come to your home for binge-watching a TV show. And if you have alcohol in the fridge, then you will be very tempted to drink a few glasses with your friends.  But if you throw out all drinks, then such situations will never happen. As the wise people say, the best way to control a temptation is to avoid it completely. But if you ever relapse into alcoholism, then join a good rehabilitation facility immediately. You can find one such reputed rehab center at https://whitesandstreatment.com/locations/florida/st-petersburg/.  

  1. Skip The Bars

Stay away from the bars. If you are meeting with friends or any client, then never pick a bar. Visit at some restaurant instead. When you get into a bar, you will inevitably feel the need to drink. And if you don’t have good control over your drinking habits, then you will end up drinking quite heavily. This can break your abstinence from alcohol and push you back into drinking habits.

  1. Eat Full  

Make sure that you eat well in case you are recovering from alcohol. Never skip any meal. If you start skipping meals, then you will inevitably feel hungry throughout the day. And the hunger can force you to drink alcohol. But if you consume healthy meals every day at regular intervals, then your desire to drink alcohol can be kept in check. Plus, ensure that your meal is full of healthy vegetables, lean meats, and other nutritious ingredients. Avoid eating too much processed foods or things that are dripping with fats.

  1. Don’t Spend Time With Drinkers

As far as possible, avoid spending too much time with heavy drinkers. When you are in company of people who drink regularly, they can pressure you into consuming alcohol. And even if you don’t want to, you can end up drinking a lot. However, this does not mean that you completely avoid such people. Instead, avoid being with them in situations that can lead to heavy drinking. For example, a co-worker might be a heavy drinker. As such, you should ideally avoid visiting their home since it involves the risk of drinking. In contrast, spending time with them during regular office hours is not an issue at all.

  1. Understand Your Triggers

Many people start drinking when they are triggered by specific emotions. There are people who drink when they are stressed out since alcohol helps them to be calm. There are also those who drink when they get sad and depressed as the alcohol makes them forget the painful memories. And if such people suffer from regular bouts of depression, then they are at high risk of becoming a severe alcoholic. Knowing which emotions trigger you to drink alcohol can be incredibly helpful for you in dealing with your alcoholism. If you drink when sad, you can take steps to ensure that you are not in the presence of alcohol whenever you feel sadness. Instead, you can try to indulge in some other activity when sad.

  1. Cut Down Sugar Consumption

If you have a habit of eating too many sweetened foods, it is recommended that you control the behavior. Eating too much sugar can trigger alcoholics to drink more. This is because alcohol generally contains sugar. And by eating sugar-rich foods, it is very probable that you might also start craving alcohol. By avoiding sugary stuff, you prevent such tendencies from cropping up.

  1. Remember The Damage

If your alcoholism has caused some serious damage to you, whether physically, emotionally, financially, or in terms of relationships and career, note them down on a sheet of paper and stick it in your bedroom. Whenever you wake up, this should be the first thing you see.  Remembering how alcoholism destroyed your life on a daily basis will encourage you to cut down its consumption. In contrast, if you forget about the bad things that resulted from your addiction to alcohol, you might be vulnerable to relapsing back into drinking.


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