7 Ways to Clean Your Home Naturally Using a Lemon

7 Ways to Clean Your Home Naturally Using a Lemon

Lemons are a zesty citrus fruit that can do more than freshen the foods you eat. Because of their grease and antibacterial fighting properties, you can find uses for them all over your dwelling. From the backyard and bathroom to your kitchen and great room, lemons are a non-toxic powerhouse that is sure to make your entire home sparkle and shine.

Fruit and Veggie Cleanser

You may place your family’s health well above your own. But there are ways to fit some “me” time into your busy schedule to take care of your own health and wellness needs without throwing a wrench into your calendar. Pesticides, bacteria and dirt residue often litter the healthy produce that you eat.You can ensure a healthier tomorrow by cleaning the hard-skinned items with lemon juice and warm water. The juice of the lemons safely cleans the produce without leaving toxins behind.

Remove Hard Water Stains

If you have hard water, you know how difficult it can be to remove the stains from your fixtures. The minerals may even be wreaking havoc with your pipes and appliances. RitzPlumbing.com technicians provide skilled plumbing services to help alleviate the damage done by hard water. If you’re looking to remove hard water deposits from your faucets, shower heads, and sink, lemons can safely eliminate the spots without the use of toxic cleaning chemicals. Simply sprinkle salt or a little baking soda on a cut lemon and rub on the problematic areas. The acidity in the lemons can also remove soap scum build-up.

Clean Dirty Dishes

Lemons are known as being a powerful force when it comes to cleaning dirty dishes. Because of their citric acid and antibacterial properties, they are ideal for sanitizing dishes and glassware. With a little salt, water, vinegar and lemon juice, you’ll be able to remove hard water spots from your utensils too.

Furniture Polish

If you use conventional polish to clean your furniture, you may be surprised at the number of toxic chemicals found in the product. The poisonous hydrocarbons and oils found in some of the today’s polishes are unsafe and may even irritate your skin and lungs. You can protect both your household and furniture by making your own polish out of lemon juice and olive or vegetable oil.

Brighter Whites

To remove stains and make whites even brighter, you may have resorted to bleach to get your clothes clean. A better and safer method to remove stains and whiten socks, underwear and shirts are with lemons. Take a pot of water and add lemons that have been thinly sliced. When the water has boiled, take off the heat and add the hot liquid to your clothes and linens. Leave them steep for one hour before your normal washing.

Cutting Boards

Cutting boards are typically used to cut meat, veggies, nuts and other products. But they can be ridden with bacteria if not cleaned correctly. The juice of a fresh lemon can cut through E. coli and salmonella and thoroughly cleanse your cutting boards. You can also use the lemon juice and salt mixture to clean your counter tops.

Pollution-Free Air

Air fresheners may make the air in your home smell like spice or a flowery meadow, but you could be adding harmful pollutants into the air that you family breathes. Instead, customize your own air cleansing freshener by using natural herbs and lemons.

Providing your family with a toxic-free environment is important to their health and wellness. Thanks to the natural powers of the lemon, you can protect your family from harmful chemicals and make their clothes and living space bright, clean and safe.


7 Ways to Clean Your Home Naturally Using a Lemon

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