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Personalized gift items often have added value in making gift recipients feel more special. Nowadays, one can have almost everything from mugs, office supplies, t-shirts, and accessories tailored to different personal styles. Among all the personalized gift options, the one that I appreciate the most are the books from flattenme.com. These are children’s books that are given a personal touch by having the child’s name and picture embedded in the story. This makes your child more involved in reading as they become part of the story instead of just being a reader.

One of Sean’s early favorites from FlattenMe is the ABC’s and 123 that helped him improve his vocabulary and counting skills. The most recent one that he got is entitled “Sean is a Multicolor Kid”. This new book offers a colorful read for the kids with the entertaining storyline about the colors of the rainbow and visually engaging illustrations that come in every page. Aside from the different hues of the rainbow, it also talks about the different moods or thoughts that can be associated with colors. This can be used by parents to help their child understand different emotions that people experience. At the end of the story, the uniqueness of each child is being recognized and appreciated along with a message of love from the giver to the recipient. Sean loves it whenever we read this book to him because it always ends with an “I love You” and a kiss from mom and dad. Needless to say, this is our current bedtime story favorite.


For me, giving out books as presents is just like sharing the gift of learning to the recipient. This makes personalized books like Multicolor Kid from Flatten Me one of the best gifts that you can give to your kids. If offers entertainment and educational values that also fosters bonding with parents or caregivers. To top it all off, your child feels more special by having a book made especially for him. You can find other colorful reads that can be personalized from the Flatten Me website and make your child feel more special today.

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