A More Practical Way to Keep Mementos

We accumulate stuff as days pass. You might notice one corner of your home getting cluttered as mementos from one occasion to another gather in a hodge-podge of sorts. Most mommies would claim that they are just waiting to have some extra time in their hands to sort through these mementos and organize them. The truth is, you will not likely find the time to do it if you do not deal with it now. That space in your home could serve a more productive purpose than holding your clutter of memories. If these memories are that important to you, don’t you think they deserve better treatment than being left in a pile?

A more practical way to keep your mementos is to organize them and store them in plastic boxes. There are different sizes and styles of plastic boxes today that you can easily stack in a designated place in your home. Measure out your space and choose a set of boxes that can fit in your available space and that can be accessed anytime you want to bring out your trove of memories. You might also want to take a look at containers with pull-out drawers for your smaller stuff. Photo boxes and file boxes are also great for your photographs, notes, clippings, and other small items. If you must have your figurines and trinkets out, have a glass panelled shelf installed on one of your walls so that they can be properly showcased.

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  1. Sherry says

    Wow this is cool

  2. These are helpful tips that I’m sure I could use one of these days.

  3. i will apply it~

  4. @LOURDES when you use it let me know

  5. me too

  6. We put mementos in a box. They are located inside my mom’s room since no one sleep there.

  7. @Arena, do you already use it?

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