A Mother’s Dreams- and Worst Nightmare!

I can still vividly recall the nightmare I had last night:  a squirrel was merrily scratching away at the testors paint on my shiny, new red Ferrari.  That was a horrible dream, to say the least.  Well, maybe not so bad, because in that dream, I owned a Ferrari!

I do have a lot of dreams… good ones, of course, for my family.  I dream for my kid to grow up successful, healthy and happy.

But as I look around, I fear for the future.  I’m afraid my dream will turn into a nightmare.  There’s so much pollution that I think my kid is breathing a sub-quality type of air.  Sooner or later, I’m afraid that will take a toll on her lungs.

And then, there’s the problem of bullying, I hope against hope that my little one won’t have to go through that once she starts school.  I’ve just heard so many horrendous stories about kids being bullied on campus.  It does affect them greatly, and eats away at their self-esteem.

I guess there’s only so much I can do to protect my kid.  I should just do what I can to arm her with smarts, and pray hard that no danger befalls her.


  1. Sherry says

    You are not alone I fear of my son gets bully in school too

  2. diff. to become a mother

  3. Mommy has got so much to worry

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