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There are a lot of footwear brands for children all around the world. The top brands, of course, always take the limelight. However, they do not necessarily guarantee the best fit for your children’s feet. There is one Japanese footwear brand that has been around for over a century, providing functional children’s shoes that are exclusively designed to guarantee comfort. Tsukihoshi is now available in various parts of the world.

Last year, this shoe company partnered with Autism Speaks, an organization that focuses on funding research, awareness programs, and other advocacy programs to address the needs of people with autism. With this partnership comes two shoe styles that have the unique puzzle piece sole: the Child 21 (KAZ) and the Child 26 (FLARE).

The Child 26 (FLARE) is a great choice for both boys and girls. This style comes in four colors: pink, blue, orange, and green. The style is trendy enough with gray and white trimmings on the top and sides. It also comes with a wide and curved Velcro fastener so children can easily put them on or take them off. The upper material is made of a combination of synthetic leather and nylon mesh, giving the feet the breathability it needs to prevent sweating and odor build-up.

Like the other styles in Tsukihoshi’s children’s line, the Child 26 (FLARE) has a built-in deodorizer with its green tea polyphenol coated cup insole. The molded cup insole also provides the child’s arch the right amount of support it needs. This style also has a roomy shoe last or toe area to give the child’s toes room to splay as their feet hit the ground. The Child 26’s comfort-enhancing features extends to the exterior with the flex-joint outsole that allows for optimum flexibility for children’s feet.

The Child 26 (FLARE) is available in sizes 7 to 13. There’s a sizing guide on their official website so you can check for the most accurate measurements. With every purchase of Tsukihoshi’s Child 26 (FLARE), you do not only get the perfect shoes for your children, you also help fund the needs of people with autism.

If you are looking for a new pair of shoes for your kid, do check out www.tsukihoshi.com

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