A Special Day to Honor a Special Dad

The role of men and women in society may have changed over the years but a father’s role in the family remains constant. They provide for the family’s needs, protect the family, inspire and guide the children, and often become the source of strength of their wife and kids. There are those of us who are lucky to find men who take these responsibilities at heart and it is important for us to celebrate the gift of fatherhood at least once a year.

As we celebrate Father’s Day this weekend, we are given another opportunity to show our love and gratitude to fathers who continue to add spice in our lives. I am blessed to have met my husband who has always been a great support for me and responsible for the life that I am enjoying now. My husband is one great dad to our son Sean. He has shown me that fathers can be as nurturing as moms despite their tough exteriors.

My husband has been really terrific, he would take time to cuddle him, play with him, teach him how to walk, and encourage him in his attempts to learn new things. I can just imagine in a few years my two boys, or shall I say men, will venture out into camping or fishing trips for their own bonding moments. For now, we will simply enjoy a special day with a special dad who is simply the best for me and Sean.

Happy Father’s day!!


  1. Happy Father’s day sis

  2. Tiffany Cruz says

    Cute post. My husband’s name is Sean and so is my son’s name. Love the photo you shared!

  3. Happy Father’s day

  4. the kids so cute!hehe

  5. Supposed go dad place but my baby sick cannot go

  6. o~~so sad

  7. @Arena the boy is Jade’s son so cute

  8. oic~~cute enough

  9. Look like they have fun in pool

  10. yup~so warm,the smile

  11. @Arena love their smile

  12. hehe~~i like it so much

  13. They can frame up this picture

  14. you’ve got a wonderful and blessed family!

  15. Belated Happy Father’s Day Sir Jules! 🙂

  16. Did you greet your papa, Sean? What’s your gift?

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