A Sprout Watch for My Eco-Forward Husband

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Sprout Watches are becoming more and more popular not just because of their green advocacy but also because of their unique designs.   From classic styles to funky and avant-garde, Sprout Watches has something for everyone.  I myself already have a couple of these environmentally-friendly timepieces.  I love how they make for great functional accessories and help save the planet earth at the same time.  Now, I’m getting the Sprout Watch ST/3400BKBKGY ($65) for my husband for Father’s Day.

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My husband loves wood and the natural brown bamboo subdials in this Sprout model would definitely appeal to him.  The three small subdials indicate the day, date, and 24-hr clock. The brown bamboo also provides a great contrast to the black corn resin dial.  The case and the bezel are also made from black corn resin.  The black detailed case is offset by a bright white Tyvek strap which appears like leather but is actually made of high-density fiber.  Tyvek is water resistant and tear resistant, and most importantly, recyclable.

There’s really more to this watch than its elegant appearance.  Most of the materials used are bio-degradable and were made leaving the least carbon footprint possible.  Corn resin for one does not require the use of oil resources during production.  Though it is 99% biodegradable and will decompose within one year when in a compost environment, corn resin will last the same as synthetic plastics with regular wear and use.  The bamboo used in the subdials is also eco-friendly as they do not require the use of pesticides and other harmful chemicals to grow.  Instead of plexiglass, mineral crystal is used in Sprout lenses.  This type of glass is made from sand and can be recycled.  Sprout watches also come with mercury free batteries.  Even the packaging is eco-friendly as it is made of mostly of recycled materials.



    I love this watch for many reasons, eco-friendly and not harmful to the earth

  2. Luv cuz its eco friendly

  3. Sandy H. says

    Pretty cool in so many ways….looks and eco-friendliness!

  4. My husband would love this too, he is a wood worker!

  5. Nicole Becker says

    My boyfriend would love this!! He is always saying that he needs a watch!!

  6. angela says

    Love the watch. Very stylish. Looks as though it could be worn for business or play…

  7. 1955nurse says

    FABulous review – & this is a great-looking watch! The more “Eco-friendly” things we start to use, the greater the benefit to the environment! No steps are too small….

  8. Marti Parks says

    I do like this watch, I really like the style and it doesn’t hurt that it’s eco-friendly.

  9. teresa mccluskey says

    So awesome, I love it! My husband would love this watch!

  10. Sandy Cain says

    This watch is gorgeous. I never really stopped to think that watches of all things, could be (or not be) eco-friendly. Glad to know this one is!

  11. Michele Comas says

    I like how you make sure to recognize your hubby…true affection and devotion! I feel the same about mine!

  12. michelle elizondo says


  13. Phyllis Villarreal says

    Loving the watch!! Great giveaway!

  14. Mark Richards says

    What a great design and eco friendly too. Definitely a watch I could wear with pride.

  15. Elenora Spears says

    I love the brown Bamboo and its eco-friendly.

  16. Nicole Mo'Na Lewis says

    This watch is awesome! MY husband is the flashy one not me……lol It’s right up my ally!

  17. Sandy Cain says

    I love this style. Very classy – looks like a pilot’s chronometer!

  18. Nicole G says

    styles alright remind me of a man more then a girl but i love that its eco friendly !

  19. Elissa Indoe says

    As a parent and lover of nature, I love a product that is kind to the environment while stile remaining a good product. I love the design on top of it!

  20. I love that so many things are now becoming eco – friendly.

  21. denise smith says

    i like the look of this watch

  22. This watch is eco friendly and handsome too.

  23. I like the way that watch looks. I love that it is biodegradable. More things need to be made like that…cause just about everything eventually gets thrown out.

  24. jennifer mcdonald says

    i love this watch. the look. and i love that it is eco-friendly.

  25. jean rivera hakki says

    would be a nice father day gift

  26. I do like it because I like smart looking watches even mens watches. Thank you. Jerri Davis

  27. I like the style for a man but a womans one would be great!

  28. i like it it is nice.

  29. Donna K says

    They style is nice. My son would like it.

  30. my grandson would luv this his bday is nxt month and he’s graduating high school and going into the service in september

  31. Mya Murphy says

    this watch is really nice and love that it’s eco-friendly 🙂

  32. natalie parvis says

    I would love to get this for my hubs! Very nice

  33. Helena says

    Soi cute watch!

  34. Lisaa Burke Cook says

    My hubby would really love this watch and I like that it is eco-friendly!!

  35. Jeanine says

    This watch is awesome!

  36. Jeanine says

    I think this watch is awesome!

  37. Kathryn Mackey says

    I think the watch looks cool

  38. Love eco-friendly products, particularly accessories like this watch that are made to look so fashionable!

  39. samantha s says

    i like round watches versus square watches so this is appealing.

  40. I like the design, color, and the fact that it’s green. It’s also great that the batteries are included. I actually prefer a non-metal strap.

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