Hello,  my name is LaDonna.  I am from Indiana in the USA.  I am the owner of Happy Home and FamilyThrifty 4nsic Gal, and We Heart Family and Friends.  I have been blogging since 2010.  I am a mom to six children.. Three of them are my mine and my husband’s together and the other three are my step children.  I helped raise two of his three, which meant five children were raised in my home.  I enjoy blogging, writing content, reviewing products, holding giveaways and posting sweepstakes.  I love to cook, but do not like the clean up afterwards.  Who does right?  My family has a female dalmatian named Bonnie, a male miniature cocker spaniel named Marley, a male cat named Fellow, a few rabbits, and fish as well.

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You can contact me at happyhomeandfamily@yahoo.com


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