Achoo-Proofing Your Home: A Quick Way To Bust the Flu Bug

There’s no denying that the rainy season is here. And, with that, we can expect the flu bug to be making the rounds. We definitely do not want the flu bug hovering around our homes. Even if we have taken the time to get our flu shots over the summer break, there is still no guarantee that a stronger-than-normal flu strain cannot get through. Our best defense against the flu bug is to let them know that there is no place for them in our homes – shoo bug, don’t bother us!

There are simple things that you can do to achoo-proof your home. The quickest way to do this is to regularly disinfect your surroundings. Understand that the flu virus spreads through contact and droplets. You have to kill the bacteria lurking around the house and settling on the things that you and your family members touch or come into contact with every day. Use an effective disinfectant that is child-, pet-, and environment-friendly. Take a few minutes a day to give your doorknobs, telephones, sinks, countertops, gadgets, toys a good wipe down before you wash up at the end of the day or in the morning before you get ready for work.



  1. Sherry says

    This is true some people use it everyday

  2. We always have rubbing alcohol around the house which helps in killing germs.

  3. @LOURDES I no try that before

  4. i no try it too~~

  5. Thanks for this post remind me to wipe toys and door knob

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