Adding Stem Casters To Short Pieces Of Furniture

Every ideal piece of furniture that is simply not the right height can be improved with stem casters. People who shop now for these items need to make sure they are shopping for the right items. All pieces of furniture are different, and the people who choose these stem casters must remember that they need specific casters for their furniture. Each step below will show people which casters are going to work best for their furniture.

The Height

Every piece of furniture can be raised up with stem casters, but the stem casters must be chosen based on their size. Every set of casters will say how tall they are, and that height should be matched to the furniture itself. A set of one inch casters will help the furniture rise by one inch. However, there are casters that can raise furniture pieces even higher. When the owner chooses the right casters, they can get the furniture to the height they prefer.


The installation of the casters requires the furniture to be upside down. Turning over the furniture will offer complete access to the base. The casters must be screwed or bolted into the base of the furniture piece to make sure that each caster is flush. when the casters are flush with the bottom of the furniture, they will be level. Any caster that is not installed flush with the bottom of the furniture piece will provide greater stability.

The Style

The style of these casters changes based on what the homeowner needs. The furniture may need a more modern caster that looks good with a modern design, but there are older furniture pieces that need a more classic look. These casters can come in brass, silver and gold to make the furniture look even better than it already does.

Every addition of casters to the furniture will make them mobile, and these stem casters will make the furniture taller. A taller piece of furniture is much easier to use, and it will last much longer when the owner enjoys it more. Using the steps above will make the installation quick for the owner.

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