Adorning Your Little Ones With Baby Jewellery

One of the nicest things about having a daughter is being able to dress her up in the cutest outfits and to adorn her with dainty accessories to boot. You can never run out of ideas adorning little girls with precious baubles. Boys on the other hand are somewhat limited when it comes to wearing jewellery. Simple bangles and necklaces are what you often see in little boys. Give them more than that and they would look gaudy.

However, there are now more selections of baby jewellery available in the market that it is now easy for moms to purchase jewellery with exquisite designs for little girls and simple manly ones for little boys. Take note though that children are more sensitive to adults and may have certain allergic reactions to some jewellery. They are also more prone to losing articles and are at risk for choking on small accessories.


Here are some pointers to consider when purchasing jewellery for your little ones:

1. Hypo-allergenic jewellery are best for young children. Most allergic reactions to jewellery are due to nickel so choose those that are free from nickel and other irritants.

2. Avoid those with tiny detachable accessories as they are choke hazards.

3. Watch out for any sharp edges. Check hooks and mounts carefully to avoid cuts on your little one’s skin.

4. Bracelets and bangles are best for little children. They are the least likely to be lost and to be swallowed and choked on. ID bracelets are my top choice when giving jewellery to little children. They can even be fancied up with gems and other engravings.

5. Avoid giving rings to infants and toddlers. These might cause choking.

6. If you want to have your baby girl’s ears pierced, do so in a doctor’s clinic to ensure that all equipment used are sterilized. Then choose earrings that have sturdy locks to prevent them from coming off.

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