Allergy Alert: Avoiding Triggers and Managing Attacks

The summer is gone but that does not mean that the allergens are gone too.  Pollens and dust are not the only allergens around.  In the wet season, common allergens include pollution that is weighed down by rain and humidity as well as indoor irritants like mold spores, pet dander, and dust mites.  Indoor home cleaning is your best defense against allergic attacks during the rainy season.  Staying bundled up and avoiding outdoor exercise and activity will likewise give protection against allergies this season.   Here are more tips on how to deal with allergies this season:

  1. Take steps to get rid of possible allergy triggers.  If you already know that a member of your family is allergic to a particular substance, make a conscious effort to rid your home of that substance.  Deep cleaning of carpets, rugs, and cushions might be necessary to get rid of dust mites.  Regularly grooming and bathing your pet would also be a good way to stop pet dander.
  2. Increase the body’s immunity.  Those with allergies have weakened immune system and are therefore less resistant to certain substances they have developed hypersensitivity to.  Although antihistamines give relief from symptoms of allergies, boosting the immune system can actually prevent the onset of future allergic attacks.




  1. This is good info for me as I have family members with allergy

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