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Now that the school year is fully underway, your child will become inundated with invitation after invitation to many different parties. While your little one will undoubtedly enjoy being a social butterfly, you can be left feeling a little unnerved about how to make their own birthday party as good as the rest.

You could follow the crowd and choose the same-old party venues, themes and activities. Or, you could think outside of the box and give your child a party that they, and their classmates, will remember forever. Here’s how you do it:

Party games

While you shouldn’t leave old favourites like musical chairs and pass the parcel completely behind, you should think of introducing some new games to make your child’s party stand out from the rest.

All kids love a competition, so why not include a race? If the thought of twenty kids dashing around a room fills you will dread, don’t worry – that’s not what we meant. While racing toys may seem a little pre-school, when done in the right way, the children will be completely engrossed and loving it.

The robo fish is a lifelike robotic fish that instantly swims when put in contact with water. How does this fit in with the party? Buy a few of them and set up a fairly large pool of water. Hold tournaments to see who can get their fish to the other side the quickest and have a prize for the overall winner. Kids will love it!

You can find more unusual party games here – Number 6 and Knight of the Castle are sure to be favourites.

Party bags

No kid’s birthday party would be complete without the obligatory parcel of goodness, the party bag. Even as a child, I can remember getting so excited to delve in and see what I had, and nowadays I still love seeing all the excited little faces as I hand them out.

It can, however, be difficult to find time to make up the party bags, especially if you’re a working parent. What most people don’t know is that you can actually buy pre-filled party bags. Companies like Hawkin’s Bazaar offer a great range of themed party bags that are already filled with toys and sweets that boys and girls are sure to love.


  1. Renee Ashley Hanna says

    This is awesome to know. My son has a birthday coming up and I will be using this review to add extra things into his party. Thanks for another awesome review!!

  2. Great ideas, I like to get creative for parties!

  3. md kennedy says

    Some great ideas! I do think sometimes the easiest is best, for everyone including Mom.

  4. Great tips! It pays to think outside the box when it comes to birthday parties!

  5. Nena Sinclair says

    These are great suggestions! Another one that I used quite often was a scavenger hunt and the kids always loved it!

  6. Candace Galan says

    It’s so hard to plan what to do for a birthday and to make sure it is fun for everyone….love the ideas!

  7. Maria Iemma says

    My daughter’s birthday is in December so I am glad to read your ideas and tips, I always like to make her parties special and will be using the information you’ve shared.

  8. Linda Heng says

    Wow that’s good to know! I did not know there was a company such as, Hawkins Bazaar that sell party bags! That would be a lifesaver when you’re super busy trying to get everything else ready for the birthday party. Love that they have one for boys and one for girls =)

  9. Barbara Haynes says

    Good idea!

  10. Jayne Townsley says

    Boo doesn’t get that many birthday party invitations anymore. I think it has to do with the requirement that if you send invitations, it must be for the whole class.

    I love themed birthday parties.

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