An Organized Kitchen Makes A Happier Home

Both my husband and I love to cook and, just recently, we have gotten into the knack of baking as well. I love all things beautiful and naturally, my cakes and cupcakes all have to be decorated. There are now so many wonderful cake decorating products available in the marketing that I always end up buying just about everything that would help me make all those beautiful cuppies. You could just imagine all the clutter they made in my kitchen cabinet.

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Good thing I chanced upon BakeStack® from YouCopia. Now all my baking tools and some ingredients are neatly organized which really cuts down my prep time coz it doesn’t take me forever to look for the tools and accessories I need. The BakeStack® has three customizable drawers that come with 18 easy-fit drawer dividers you can configure to fit all your baking implements. The removable stickers that come with it make labelling easy. I don’t have to open every drawer to find something I need. I made sure that I labelled each drawer properly so I would only need to glance at the labels to know which drawer to open. I also found out that BakeStacks® are stackable which means I can still have fun shopping for baking accessories without worrying about storage. Yey!

Though BakeStack® was designed to be an in-cabinet organizer for baking tools, it can actually be used to organize other knick-knacks at home. I’m getting one more to organize all my scrapbooking supplies and another one for my mom’s sewing supplies.

Another great product I found that perfectly matches the BakeStack® is the YouCopia Chef’s Edition SpiceStack 30-Bottle Spice Organizer.   With all the spices we have at home you’d think we were running a restaurant. So I just had to have this spice organizer. I don’t regret getting the SpiceStack®  because it has made looking for the right spices quick and easy.  The horizontal drawers flip down so you can see all the labels clearly.  The SpiceStack® can hold 30 full size spice bottles or 60 half size ones. It comes with 48 printed and 48 blank drawer labels. I actually used some of the blank drawer labels to indicate spice mixtures for our favorite recipes.

With the BakeStack® and the SpiceStack®, my kitchen cabinet now looks more organized. Cooking and baking are now much more fun with prep time shortened significantly. I’m definitely going to look at other great finds from YouCopia.

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  1. Nicole Becker says

    Thanks for all of these great reviews on how to get organized in the kitchen!! My favorite is the Bake Stack because I do alot of baking for my family. I have alot of Swagbucks which I turned into Amazon gift cards so I can get this practically free!!!

  2. My spice cabinet is a mess. I could really use something like this to organize it. I discovered I had 4 bottles of cinnamon because apparently its just too messy to find anything. I really have 2 shelves of spices but not the slightest clue whats up there.

  3. Sandy Cain says

    I am a little phobic about that “O” word….. (shhh, organized). It’s something that OTHER people do!

  4. Marisa Johnson says

    I’m really liking the baking organizer. I have a few tiny bottles of oils that I use to flavor chocolates, cakes, and etc that can get easily lost in my spice cupboard. That little organizer would keep everything so well organized. I never thought to buy an organizer before now. Thank you for posting this.

  5. Robin Wilson says

    I absolutely agree. I would love to have every room organized in my kitchen as well as the rack in the picture! Wouldn’t that be wonderful? My spices get messed up every time we use them!

  6. Susan Johnson says

    My kitchen drives me crazy. Since I make so many different meals, like Mexican, Italian, Chinese, Thai, Hungarian, Creole, Indian, you name it, I have a million spices crammed into my cabinet next to the stove because there’s no room on the counter. It is an avalanche waiting to happen every time I reach for the garlic, and I hate it. It has actually ruined meals, from spices dropping into food, or broken glass shattering on the floor, resulting in an overcooked meal. I would love to get a system like the Youcopia Spice rack, because it is such an incredible space saver, and can be stacked or even have something placed on it.

  7. John Hutchens says

    it is easier to cook, bake with everything organized. I really like this company and its organizing tools

  8. i badly need this in my kitchen. i have a messy spice cabinet.

  9. sylvia mollison says

    I just love any cool organizational tool for the kitchen. I like to be able to find what I need when I need it!

  10. Shannon L. Barlow says

    This would be an amazing organizer for pretty much everything and anything. I love it. I would love to try this especially for all the screws and nails my husband always has around the house lol. It would also be great for pens and pencils and markers and stuff like that. I enter a lot of sweepstakes so this would be good for keeping things separated so I stop getting them all mixed up. Thank you for sharing it with all of us.

  11. Debbie Welchert says

    Wow I really like the spice cabinet. That would work really well in my kitchen. I’m always going through my spices to find the right one because they always get mixed up.

  12. MandeD says

    My cabinets would look amazing after this!

  13. Dorothy Teel says

    These storage racks are really nice, they make finding things much easier and you gave me som new ideas on what to use one for besides by spices. I have way to many spices and if I can’t find one, I add it to my list and pick up a new bottle, LOL why I have three bottles of thyme. I will be alot older and alot grayer before I every use that mucdh up.. LOL. Thankyou for sharing your opinions with us on this blog site, I enjoy reading it.

  14. peggy fedison says

    Urgh I am the most UNorganized person I know. I NEEEEED this so badly!!!

  15. If only I am in charge of the kitchen. I will get this. But yeah, my grandma’s in charge. pfft

  16. Sarah L says

    I don’t do much baking, but my spice cabinet overfloweth so the spice stack would be good for my kitchen.

  17. Yes, I agree it is easier to get things accomplished with a well organized kitchen. Always keep the clutter gone so you don’t get frustrated & not make others happy with your cooking skills.

  18. Frank Favaszza says

    Nice Rack

  19. Jane Ritz says

    I really like the organization. Mine is a mess. It would be wonderful to have the equipment for organization.

  20. Nice job, I wish I had your talent of organization. I need to work on my skills and just purchase some products for my kitchen to help organize.

  21. Dianna Thomas says

    Nice review– well I have to admit my spice drawer and cupboard are really amess–I’m lucky I can’t afford 2 or 3 of everything in there–but something like this would be a great help in organizing the spaces the right way–thanks for the ideas– I am going to be checking in to getting something to make it work out better

  22. I certainly need a more organized kitchen! We have limited space and organizers like this could really help!

  23. natalie nichols says

    I need one of these! Our spice cabinet is a danger zone!

  24. nancy fiorenza says

    The O word is my favorite word because I hate clutter and could really use this is my small kitchen

  25. rochelle haynes says


  26. Michelle Proper says

    Wow…I absolutely love this. I’ve got to the point I dread even opening my spice cupboard for fear of something falling out at me! This is the perfect solution! Thanks so much!

  27. Carol ONeil says

    I love the Spice stack. Right now it is just frustration digging in the pantry to find the spices!!

  28. Jessica Parent says

    Organized is not me yet I strive to be….his looks and sounds like it would be really helpful in acheiving that mission 🙂

  29. Wendy Baker says

    I need this. I have everything in my pantry and I can’t find what I’m looking for half the time. 🙁

  30. The spice stack shelf looks perfect for my kitchen! It is serious need of organization 🙂

  31. cheryl b says

    wow thank for sharing how to not have cluttering.. and keeping stuff orangize items… I want to say thank you for sharing wonderful idea and how it become a big different 🙂

  32. Sylvia Ortiz says

    What a great space saver! This would be ideal for our “tiny” kitchen, and I love that you can also stack them. 🙂

  33. Can I just say I’ve never heard of the bake rack and spice rack! I LOVE these products now. Genius. I’m so happy that you and your husband cook together. Great reviews, by the way!! I hope to see more! (new follower)

  34. Leona Villa says

    This is so nifty! I would love to have one of these, then maybe my family could actually help me unpack groceries for once! They won’t even attempt to help, because they say I always rearrange things after they have put them away.

  35. Linda Slater says

    The spice rack looks awesome, my cabinet is such a mess and can’t find a thing

  36. These do look nice! There’s nothing worse than opening a cabinet and being met with an avalanche of spice bottles, and this looks like the perfect solution. I also like the idea of storing all my baking items in one spot, rather than sorting through the miscellaneous drawer for them.

  37. michele p says

    I need to get things organized as well in my kitchen, I like the way you organized your bake stack and if I did more baking it’d be at the top of my list. I do use spices alot in hubby’s Central American cooking that he loves, so a way to organize my spices is a must!

  38. Jessica Carlson says

    Oh my gosh!! I sooooooo need these!

  39. Yolanda Flores says

    That looks great for my kitchen!

  40. Robin Quick says

    I love the baking cabinet! We have cake decorating things all over the kitchen. My hubby is into making cakes suddenly so the supplies are growing & I need it organized like yours!

  41. The spice stack is welcome in any kitchen and especially in ours. Thank you!

  42. M.Clark says

    This is wonderful!! I think every kitchen can benefit from a little organization.

  43. Becky Schollian says

    O.k. so I admit it…I’m a neat freak!! There’s a place for everything!! I love to be organized. Shoot, I go to my daughter house and organize for her too…. Great tips. Thanks for sharing!!

  44. Arlene Whitfield says

    What a great idea!

  45. I have a ginormous amount of spies in my kitchen and it’s a mess. Sigh. This would be perfect for me.. and reduce my stress.

  46. Michelle Cristobal says

    I need one of these! Where can I buy one?

  47. md kennedy says

    I have a floor-to-ceiling pantry with pull-out drawers, and I always know which drawer has what I need. However, once I get to the right drawer it can sometimes be frustrating to locate the item. These would be a great help for me!

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