Baby Necessities Giveaway

Baby Necessities Giveaway Sep 18 – Oct 2, 2013 Open to US

Are you having a baby or you know someone who is? It’s a very special time in anyone’s life.

When it comes to a baby, especially when it’s your first one, a mom needs to prepare so many baby necessities! It seems that the list would never end. And we source the items we’d need from our friends, family, online conversations and sharing. We just need to know what we really cannot live without when it comes to welcoming a first baby into our lives.

Bringing You Moments To Celebrate

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This care package would be our contribution to the baby necessities pool that you may not have yet. Some Britax Car Shades and stroller grip handle, Butt Paste for your baby’s bum to be in a perfect pink spot at all times, and some cool toys and even good medicine to keep her or him comfortable when fever attacks. It’s not all you need. But these are the baby products that have been proven to work for several generations of mothers. That is why these baby necessities have made it to this prize basket! Once you’ve entered your chances to win this gift basket with baby necessities, head over to the NEW Mommy Prize Pack to enter there as well.

Prize – Baby Necessities Care Package

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  1. Steel frame dish rack

  2. Rebecca Parsons says

    I like the EZ Grip ceramic canisters.

  3. Everything is great, but I would love to have the EZ grip ceramic canisters 🙂

  4. joanne major says

    a huge toy box

  5. the easy grip ceramic canisters

  6. I’m really not sure. I am due with my first December 26th but I would love this

  7. Leslie Harris says

    her bankie

  8. A large toy bin

  9. sally dyer says

    I think the most desireablw thing would be TV baby monitors so I could see baby in his Grimm sleeping or whatever. Seems safer than just audio monitors!

  10. the bjorn easy catch bibs! perfect for catching rice!

  11. Tyler Calder says

    A Toy chest

  12. April Brosius says

    My two yr old always desires what his brother has and doesn’t want to share.

  13. mindy cole says

    The Little tikes hide and seek club house

  14. Robin Blankenship says

    her bunny

  15. Sheryl An Mungcal says

    his bugs bunny stuffed toy

  16. wendi watson says

    this would be a gift i am done having babies lol

  17. Ben Wilkins says

    It would be for my great-nephew who is due in December, so I would have to say a blankie 🙂

  18. It seems we just can’t ever have enough baby wipes!

  19. Cortney Coon says

    My baby girl is almost 6 months old and she LOVES and cant be with out her rattle doll!

  20. Blanca Martinez Mora says

    A baby carrier would be soo helpful a” kangaroo pouch”

  21. This would be a gift for my best friends daughter!!! I think she would like it all!!!

  22. Baby boy needs a car shade

  23. Miranda A. says

    Toys lots and lots of toys.

  24. Laura Ellington says

    A baby gate!

  25. Melinda Stephens says

    Blankets! it gets so cold here in the winter.

  26. Christina Strapp says

    I would like a baby carrier.

  27. Currently teething rings/toys of any kind are in high demand in my house – we still haven’t found anything he likes chewing on better than me!

  28. Sling! Because we just weren’t born with enough hands/arms.

  29. Michelle Tucker says

    I don’t have any children, this would be a gift. I know the car shades would come in handy.

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