Back Sleeper? These Products May Help You Rest Better!

One of the most popular quizzes floating around the internet recently is what your sleep position tells you about yourself and your personality. While these may or may not be based in any factual reality, your sleeping position can dictate a need for certain sleep products that provide assistance in terms of comfort or support.


For back sleepers, body alignment isn’t as much of an issue as it is for side or stomach sleepers, but there are a few areas that can use some extra support depending on your body’s personal quirks.


For back sleepers, one of the biggest complaints is neck and shoulder stress and stiffness. This is often due to the fact the pillows being used cause too much elevation. When resting on your back, it’s very easy to push your head forward and your chin down with pillows that are too lofty. A thinner but cushioning pillow is best for back sleepers, to maintain cervical alignment. Contour pillows are also helpful, as they support the neck while cradling the head without forcing it up at an uncomfortable angle.


Leg support is also an occasional issue, and this goes hand-in-hand with circulation from time to time. Some people need a little lower body elevation to help with blood flow or other health issues, and in these situations, body wedges are both versatile and helpful, providing as much or as little boost as you need. Body pillows are also great for people who like a little comfort behind the knees while sleeping as well.

Article submitted by The Foam Factory, a manufacturer and retailer of a wide variety of comfort and support products, from body wedges, to neck pillows, to body pillows.

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