Bathroom Scrub Down

A slippery bathroom floor does not only feel icky but is also dangerous. You can slip and hurt yourself on a dirty bathroom floor. However unappealing it might be, you need to give your bathroom a good scrub down regularly in order to keep it clean and safe.

Think about all the grime and dirt that you are washing off your body. Some of these get stuck on your bathroom floors and walls. It’s not rocket science. Dirty bathrooms are just not hygienic. You need to make sure that your bathroom is free of dirt and bacteria.

You do not have to spend all day scrubbing and disinfecting if you do your bathroom scrub down regularly. Give your bathroom a quick clean-up as often as you can to keep your bathroom clean at all times. Putting all your cleaning implements in the bathroom lets you have quick access to everything that you need for your bathroom clean-up. Your goal in your quick bathroom scrub down is to prevent the accumulation of dirt and bacteria. Pay good attention to your tub, sink, and toilet bowl. Wipe the walls and mop the floors with disinfectant. These will get you through until your next top-to-bottom thorough bathroom clean-up.




  1. Hard to keep a clean bathroom with nine people in and out of it all day. LOL. But as weird as it may sound, whenever I am uninspired, I find that it helps that I clean the bathroom, allowing me time to think while scrubbing away.

  2. One should always keep the bathroom clean,It is a place from where most of the infections can get transferred. So keep your washroom clean and healthy.

  3. I am totally agree with you. Keep the bathroom always clean but some peoples are genuinely lazy!

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