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A few months back I shared with you that a friend of mine was starting an amazing candle company. What originally started at Sweet Melissa’s Fragrance Factory has morphed into the Bay Candle Company and let me tell you, her candles are fabulous! And just as I promised, you now have a chance to win one! But before we get to the giveaway, I want to tell you a little about what makes the Bay Candle Company special.bay candle

Bay Candles combine sweet fragrances and beautiful, warm light and evoke sweet memories of people, places, and things you love. Bay Candle Co. has partnered with one of the best candle makers in the industry to create a line of high quality candles crafted with a soy wax blend and hand poured to perfection in America’s heartland. Bay Candle Co.’s candles are designed to ensure superior burn performance and are guaranteed to provide hours of sweet, aromatic fragrances.

So, what makes Bay Candle Company different? Bay Candle Compnay is committed to keeping our Earth green, our homes smelling wonderful, and our hearts happy. Their Signature and Celebration Collection candles boast dual wicks, which offer three unique benefits:

*Clean – Their special two-wick system burns more efficiently than the larger wicks found in single-wick candles which means less soot and more beauty.

*Efficient – Their unique two-wick system is so efficient that it burns at the same rate as one-wick candles. Our two wicks burn the wax completely, which means stronger, aromatic fragrances and hardly any wax left in the bottom of the jar. That’s our commitment to you that you get more sweet fragrances and more candle for your money.

*Sweet Fragrances and Beautiful Light – Candle light can change the mood of a room instantly, and our beautiful, two-wick candles provide double the ambiance. Our sweet, two-wick candles release twice the amount of fragrances as single-wick candles and provide stronger, sweet-smelling fragrances for your space.

With lines for the sports fan, the seasonal scents lover and the Classic Candle lover, Bay Candle Company continues to expand their lines to produce the perfect item for the candle lover in us all. Currently featured in nine stores throughout North Carolina and Virginia and available for purchase online, Bay Candle Company is taking high quality candles to new levels by producing items that each of us can connect with in some way.

Now, on to the giveaway! TWO lucky winners are going to receive a candle from the Bay Candle Company Signature Collection. One will receive the Open House scent and the other will receive the Little Fingers and Little Toes scent. Both of these scents will bring a fresh smell to your home that is perfect all year long!

So, who’s ready to win?

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  1. Tara Woods says

    They are relaxing and I love the different scents.

  2. bonnie fowler says

    relaxing. great smelling.

  3. I keep candles burning whenever I am home. I love the scent and atmosphere candles provide.

  4. I love that they are soy based and burn cleanly!

  5. Wendi Watson says

    I just love scents!

  6. Kathie Craig says


  7. Kaye Newman says

    I just love how they make your whole house smell so good!

  8. Perfect scents for fall.

  9. Keno Moore says

    I love the romantic atmosphere they create.

  10. The candles are very relaxing an they do have great scents, I’ve always love the different scents. I’ve burn them at least 7 hrs. aday. Would love to win some different scents.

  11. Very relaxing

  12. I love their smell and love that chemicals aren’t being sprayed around to get it.

  13. I love the way they make my home smell.

  14. Donna Tucker says

    I have always loved candles. They are romantic and relaxing. Also love the different aromas that fill the air in your home or office.

  15. Melissa Johnson says

    I like my home to smell like the seasons. Apple, pumpkin, spice and baked goods for fall or fruit, beaches and tropical scents for summer.

  16. They make me feel relaxed

  17. Karen Leonard says

    They make me feel so relaxed and they smell good

  18. maggie barnes says

    I love these candles because it brings Serenity to your home!

  19. I love candles because they can change the whole mood in the house. I also love the glow of having one lit.


    I love the fragrance but so relaxing to set and watch in the evenings

  21. Maria Proctor says

    You asked where the candle lovers are. Well, here I am! I’d love to win the Open House scent!

  22. I love making my house smell wonderful

  23. Kelly Gunsch says

    I love candles with a great scent throw!

  24. Courtney T says

    it’s nice to have a pleasant smell in the house 😀

  25. Stephanie K says

    I love candles for the lovely scent and the warm, homey feeling the flickering flame envokes.

  26. Aiko Borja says

    it relaxes my mind and body.

  27. giovanna sciacca says

    I keep candles burning whenever I am home. I love the scent and atmosphere candles provide.

  28. Candice Duffey says

    They are pretty, I dont get them often because I can’t but they are really nice to have around. They give a comfort.

  29. Christie P says

    They set a mood. A party, a quiet night for two…it doesn’t matter, candles complete the mood.

  30. I love the smell and they are so relaxing!

  31. Kristin Haskins says

    The mood of the flame and the great smell! 🙂

  32. ellen caspere says

    They make the house smell good!!

  33. If I have a candle burning, I know my house smells good.

  34. leslie grabbs says

    relaxing, the scents are AMAZING and I enjoy my house smelling nice

  35. Janice Dean says

    I love candles!

  36. I just love candles for lots of reasons.

  37. erin eyster mckain says

    they are relaxing and i love to smell them!

  38. MaryAnn Casey says

    They fill your house with aroma better than sprays do. Sprays dissipate and usually smell “fake” whereas candles keep the smell in the air.

  39. Debra Logan says

    I love the scent while taking a hot bath and not too much lighting.

  40. heidi eaton says

    I love candles because they leave a nice scent in your home w/out all the chemicals in the air. I suffer from breathing problems and air fresheners trigger attacks.

  41. The smell 🙂

  42. Nikki Estelle says

    I love the way it makes my whole house smell.

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