Best Ways To Enjoy “Me” Time When The Kids Are Out Of The House

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“Me” moments are just so hard to find these days and being able to experience one is one great blessing. For home buddies and for those stay at home moms, these moments can be availed when kids are already in school or in some camping activity.

To maximize the home-alone time that you have, here are some of the most enjoyable and productive ways to drive away boredom and obviously sleeping the entire day is not part of it.

    • Cooking Activity – why don’t you set an appointment with your kitchen during your “me” moments? Aside from the fact that you could practice your cooking abilities, you might as well surprise the kids with you sumptuous meals when they get back home. It doesn’t sound like a “me” moment though because you are still doing something for them but isn’t it the ultimate happiness of moms for their children to be happy?
    • TV Series Marathon – during your super busy days, you might have missed all your favorite TV series and during times that kids won’t be invading your PC, it’s the best time to replay all those missed episodes. While buffering, you can kill the time by opening Ladbrokes and play bingo online.


  • Working out – if you’re a person who is into health and fitness, you can turn on your CD player and play your aerobics routine. When kids aren’t around, it’s the best time to solely use the television to shed off some calories and maintain your lovely figure.
  • Movie Date – if you don’t have any phobia of dark places and loneliness, a movie date with yourself can be one of the best ways to spend “me” times. If you do not want to leave your house, you can turn off your lights and watch all the DVD’s that you have in the rack.
  • Spa Escapade – when kids are not around, it would be great to pamper yourself once in a while in a spa. After all the hard work that you’ve done for everyone in the house, a spa moment isn’t that much to have.




  1. We have a little one on the way, but me time consists of me and no hubby right now. I like to do marathon tv days when he’s away

  2. The thought of being able to do any of these things makes me tear up a bit, I would love to be able to have some “me” time! I have got to convince hubby to take them out.

  3. A spa would be nice but I’m more likely to enjoy some extra time in front of the TV.

  4. Jenna Wood says

    I think music is a great motivator to stay active throughout the day!

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