BIC Must Have Back to School Supplies

BIC has new introductions for Back-to-School. Truly something for everyone in the lineup from fashion-forward BIC for HER to the innovative BIC Automatic Mechanical Pencil.

It’s a list of must-haves we know you’ll love!

Learn more about these great school and office supplies by BIC on Mommy’s Memorandum.

One Reader will Win a BIC Back-To-School Must-Have Supplies Prize Pack!

Prize Pack includes:

  • BIC Tech 2-in-1 Stylus and Pen
  • BIC Automatic Mechanical Pencil
  • BIC for Her Gel Marker Pens
  • BIC Brite Liner Highlighter Tape
  • BIC Round Stic Grip
  • BIC Z4+ Roller

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  1. Melanie Montgomery says

    Good notebooks!

  2. Stylus & pens

  3. “I voted for Mothers Organic”

  4. sally guenterberg says

    Lots of fruits and veggies for after school. I hate it when they come home wanting junk food.

  5. Tracy Heyer says

    Paper and pencils

  6. Jodi Kilgore says

    crayons & pencils

  7. colleen t says

    Erasers. They use up the ones on the pencils so quick

  8. Shannon L. Barlow says

    Kids need all of this stuff. They are always needing these items for different projects whether it be a book report or a paper on some history subject or whatever. It could even be for art class. They always need more supplies. It’s neverending to be quite honest.

  9. Name labels! I order a new set every year so I can label all of my son’s belongings, like his gym shoes, winter coat, gloves and hat.

  10. Annjanette Jackson says


  11. Jodi Kilgore says

    I voted for Mothers Organic

  12. I voted for Mothers Organic

  13. Michelle H says

    Notebooks are a must.

  14. Rachelle Kilgore says

    School Supplies are a must

  15. Good Snacks for all of us so that none of us stress eat or boredom eat!

  16. I voted for Mother’s Organic!

  17. Kathie Craig says

    A good backpack

  18. Kathie Craig says

    I voted for Mothers Organic

  19. Lana Dillon says

    I love that we can get suggestions, and prizes, and help each other out.

  20. Post-It Flags!

  21. tammy jeffery says

    The grandchildren would appreciate this alot.

  22. I voted for Mothers Organic

  23. notebooks and good pens!

  24. Kathy Lane says

    Notebooks & Pencils is a must have here!

  25. Kathy Lane says

    I voted for Mothers Organic

  26. Vickie S says

    Our must have is paper… lots and lots of paper – loose leaf, notebooks, journals and all things paper 🙂

  27. Cindy Dunn says

    Thanks for the chance! Would love to win!!

  28. Cindy Dunn says

    “I voted for Mothers Organic”

  29. Crystal Young says

    “I voted for Mothers Organic”

  30. Crystal Young says

    I love getting new school supplies for my kids, new pencils, pens, new box of crayons, and I love notepads for everything!

  31. Tamara B says

    pens and paper

  32. vera hanson says

    5 subject notebook…to keep all your classes with you

  33. patricia says

    good notebook and pens

  34. michelle cavanaugh says

    a day planner

  35. patricia says

    I voted for mother’s organic

  36. Laura Harper says

    Must have binder to keep all those different subject notebooks
    homework, etc. in one place and easy to carry around.

  37. Sturdy binders and good pencils and tons of notebooks

  38. I *heart* school supplies – especially pens!

  39. I voted for mothers organic

  40. Notebooks!

  41. I voted for mother’s organic

  42. Teresa Thompson says

    Name labels, note books and pencils.

  43. Chiree B says

    If I win these items they would go to my niece she need the majority of them

  44. Danielle Papsis says

    I have to have highlighters.

  45. Danielle Papsis says

    I voted for Mothers Organic.

  46. Jennifer K says

    Paper, pencils, pens and notebooks

  47. Jennifer K says

    I voted for Mother’s Organic

  48. A sturdy backpack.

  49. I voted for Mothers Organic.

  50. Chassity Daniels says

    good pencils and erasers

  51. Cathy Frith says

    Paper ,binders ,pencils

  52. Cathy Frith says

    I voted for Mothers Organic

  53. My Granddaughters need these!! Great giveaway!!

  54. Daut Berisha says

    bic makes good stuff.

  55. pencils, erasers, computer paper

  56. Daut Berisha says

    I voted for Mothers Organic

  57. DEMETRIA C says

    “I voted for Mothers Organic”

  58. Pens and paper

  59. Pencils and crayons

  60. I have 5 going back to school, would love to win this!

  61. a quality backpack is a must!

  62. Awesome! I would love to win for my son going to school this fall!

  63. heather crawford says


  64. Betsy Hartmann says

    My must have supplies are big, fat pens with rubber grips.

  65. jenn pangburn says


  66. Keno Moore says

    I need everything !

  67. tasha viruet says

    I have 3 kids and this would be great for them to share!!

  68. Amanda Myers says

    Pencils and notebooks

  69. Keno Moore says

    I voted for Mother’s Organic

  70. Amanda Myers says

    I voted for Mothers Organic

  71. tasha viruet says

    I voted for mothers organic!

  72. jennifer cervantes says

    Pencils. erasers, and crayons

  73. Betsy Hartmann says

    I voted for Mothers Organic

  74. Pens and paper!

  75. A good eraser that doesn’t smear the pencil marks 🙂

  76. I voted for Mother’s Organic!

  77. I voted for Mother’s Organic

  78. Audrey Zelli says

    3 going back to school! 🙂


    I voted for Mother’s Organic

  80. Jennifer Kiel says

    My must need item is definitely a new bookbag!

  81. Sandra W. says

    pens are always my must have item

  82. tina hazen says

    oh well i can’t even explain how many supplies my FIFTH grader needs! I CAN’T afford it on the SSD i receive, thank goodness i can manage to get SOME help from the school bca i dunno how i’d make it otherwise…however winning this would insure that i wouldn’t have to beg for as much 🙂

  83. Sandra W. says

    I voted for mother’s organic

  84. Mary Collins says

    Pens, Paper & a Book Bag….

  85. Mary Collins says

    I voted for Mothers Organic!

  86. deb reed says

    bic pens

  87. Cassy Campbell says

    Since my backpack is.. broken, I definitely need one of those!

  88. pencils and pens

  89. Pencils and pens are our the biggest on the list

  90. Jennifer Boggs says

    Pens and Pencils are the things we need this year

  91. Jennifer Boggs says

    I voted for Mothers Organic

  92. I have to have erasers caps! I never liked the erasers that are on pencils

  93. new pens make the school year start of great!

  94. must have pencils, pens, and notebooks

  95. I voted for Mothers Organic.

  96. Automatic Pencils!!

  97. I voted for Mothers Organic

  98. Always have to have a new pack of crayola crayons! (Doesn’t matter what age!)

  99. Shanna Gardner says

    pens, paper, colored pencils, notebooks . . .

  100. Kellie Schroeder says

    Paper and pencils.

  101. Kellie Schroeder says

    I voted for mothers organics.

  102. Sanitizer and tissues for the new school germs

  103. thanks for the chance

  104. “I voted for Mothers Organic”

  105. My must have back to school item is a scientific calculator.

  106. Melinda Stelly says

    Must have plenty of hand sanitizer

  107. alice ruiz says

    need school supplies….thanks for the chance to win

  108. laura ranck says

    I pencils are a must!!

  109. laura ranck says

    I voted for mother’s organic!

  110. Julie Fields says

    New backpack

  111. Julie Fields says

    “I voted for Mothers Organic”

  112. Susan Munger says

    I Voted for Mothers Organic!!!

    I would Love to win this giveaway!!! need back to school supplies!!!

  113. dry erase markers and pencils!

  114. bentleygray says

    this looks like a good win!

  115. Writing utensils and paper 🙂 Thank you!!

  116. I voted for mothers organic!

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