Biggest Successes On Extreme Makeovers Home Edition

Biggest Successes On Extreme Makeovers Home Edition

The most notable successes on Extreme Makeovers Home Edition were not entire episodes. Rather, each success was characterized by the amount of thought that went into each remodel. From custom doors, to the floors and every nook and cranny in between, the details were what made the heart clench with empathy. Every home was spectacular. However, a few episodes had unique features that made a big difference for different families that lived in the homes.

A Sanctuary for the Matriarch of an Ailing Family


The Broadbent family was ailing, literally. Patricia Broadbent was involved in an active fight against lung cancer, and she continued to dutifully care for her three children, all of who were diagnosed HIV positive. Most parents in good health that have three children also in good health can agree that raising kids is no easy task. Patricia needed a place to rest and relax. The show gave her a home with a full master suite that boasted an oversized bathtub, creamy avocado walls, and a calm atmosphere that was not sterile. Nothing about the master suite was reminiscent of a hospital. It was more like a kid-free luxury resort.

Creating Memories for a Family That Lost Their Old Home

The Dore family home was leveled in a fire. They lost everything, including books, clothes, video games, and mementos. Everything that made their house a home had been burned to the ground. Designers turned wall space into a 12-foot high bookshelf to hold new items without making the space appear cluttered. The bookshelf was the perfect blank canvas for the Dore family to start fresh and turn their new house into a home.

A Kitchen for a Family of 11

Feeding 11 people is not an easy feat. It is especially difficult for the Garay family. The Garays already had four children to feed, and they still opted to adopt Mr. Garay’s five younger siblings after their mother died at an early age. The old home was bursting at the seams. 11 people need a lot of space, especially in the kitchen. The family could not keep up with the amount of grocery shopping necessary. The designers recognized that only a family of 11 could put their new kitchen to the test. It was outfitted with two refrigerators, two dishwashers, and more prep and cleanup space than any smaller family could use. The designers also made a point to use durable, high-end materials that do not require extensive maintenance.

Eight Kids In One Bathroom

No traditional bathroom could comfortably handle eight kids, and the Wofford sons were no different. Designers added a new kid-friendly bathroom with a modern, locker room motif. Actual lockers were incorporated along with a walk-in shower setup and a trough sink. In many ways, this bathroom is the perfect example of how design can meet function. Every aspect was addressed, from organization problems to space. Plus, the bathroom does not look like it came from a recreation center. It is a fun, kid-friendly design that works

Innovative Designs for Personal Needs

A 15,000 square foot mega mansion is not the right solution for every family, even large families. Smaller spaces can be easier for families to manage when designed with ample thought. Extreme Makeover Home Edition has demonstrated how the right design can add more than a pretty room. It can add the personal touch individuals need.


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