Bingo and Charity- Timeless Partners that Help in Worthy Causes

The fun and exciting game of Bingo which gained popularity during the 18th century hasn’t lost its appeal to kids and adults of today. People play this game for different reasons, its early forms were used by the Italians for lottery, by the Germans for educating children, and the Americans for church fundraising activities. Now that the Bingo game has evolved into one of the most popular online games, it is nice to know that the modern versions still cater to one of the Bingo game’s original purposes – Charity.

Supporting Bingo charity game projects like the ones organized by 888ladies is a worthwhile past time engagement for anyone.  You can experience the thrill of playing a game of stakes while helping a cause that you believe in.  The Charity Weekend events are geared towards raising funds for various charitable causes like Breast Cancer Care, Bliss which provide care for sick and premature babies in the UK, and Sport Relief that extends help to impoverished people across the globe.  I logged on during one of their Charity Weekend events and played for one of my chosen charities, Plan, which is a global children’s charity.  They are engaged in Humanitarian activities to help the children in some of the poorest countries around the globe.  Those who are looking for a fun and worthy way to spend their weekends may want to check out the 888ladies and find a cause that they can support.  You don’t even have to take away your precious family time to help a cause.  Playing online Bingo is so easy that you can multitask while you’re at it, you can simply log on and purchase your card and simply get back to it after the numbers have been called.  Getting a Bingo card already makes you a winner because you’re purchase can help improve lives of the needy. 


The game of Bingo has a lot to offer for everyone.  It can be a great way to pass time for those in retirement, a source of excitement for those who play for stakes, or a medium to connect with people or re-connect with old friends.  But the best reward of all is to be given an opportunity to extend a helping hand to those in need while enjoying a game that you love.


  1. My husband & I love joining lotteries, piso game machines in amusement parks & yes, bingo. I just don;t know if those we have joined support a cause. 🙂


  2. My husband buying a lotto ticket almost everyday.Hoping to win and if our luck is not today it’s ok as long as we can help others for charity purposes.

  3. Sikat talaga yang bingo game all over the world. I never thought there’s an online bingo already. I wonder if bingo has mobile apps too. Haha.

  4. Freakyehs says

    I like playing bingo but not the one that requires huge amount of money to bet. some charity organization depends get their fund in different sources and bingo could be one of them which is nice. it’s not only a gambling but it help some charity as well.

  5. My granny is crazy with bingo. It is quite a popular game here in our area and since the fiesta is near, bingo games are up now every night

  6. Whenever we have fundraising events at church, bingo games are always on the list of games to play!

  7. i think i’ve played bingo before but there wasn’t any betting going on. just for fun and break boredom

  8. i always love and prefer Bingo game than any other game. It’s fun! Good to know that a lot of charities use it as a means of helping others as well because this is indeed a game for everyone!

  9. Momgen Reviews says

    I did it before just $1 scratch lotto hehhee…But many are already playing bingo online…

  10. dorry lyn says

    bingo games is absolutely it’s online already

  11. My family and I also had our share of fun playing Bingo – educational ones. 🙂

  12. Bingo is a popular game that drive most people to go crazy for it 😉

  13. When some of my friends here have time to get-together, we also find time to play bingo for fun. But nowadays where everyone is busy, we just eat and then do videoke 🙂

  14. I’ve heard bingo events like this but haven’t exactly encountered one. It’s good to know that there events like this, not only is it fun but also helpful.

  15. Oh well, this is how should be Bingo play for. At least they are making a good cause not just pure gambling. Well, my kids play bingo with their mates on our summer vacay and enjoyed it. They never win though.

  16. Bingo is always a fun game– it’s good to know that they have a worthy cause like this! Thanks for sharing..

  17. I’ve read somewhere that Bingo can help in preventing Alzheimer’s disease.

    This “humanitarian” cause promoting the activity for the elderly may have something good to it though the word bingo has negative connotation.

    Regardless of what the connotation is, I enjoy Bingo.

  18. It’s been so long since I’ve last had a game of bingo. Now, I want to play it again soon 🙂

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