Bonding Through Bingo

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We are all too familiar with the scenario: groups of gray-haired, slightly hunched back senior citizens in their high-waisted trousers flock to bingo halls to try their luck at the game.  Although bingo has long been associated with old people, that doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s meant solely for that age group.   Bingo is an enjoyable game which can give the entire family a reason to stay home on a weekend.   And with the advent of online bingo sites such as Gala Bingo, playing bingo at home has never been more convenient.

Why should you and your family play bingo, then?  Bingo is an excellent way to bond with your kids.  It’s a simple game which even a preschooler can understand and play.  If little Nate often feels left out when the rest of the family plays Monopoly, he’ll no longer feel that way with bingo.  The little ones will have just as much fun as everyone else.

Online bingo likewise acts as a bridge between families from all over the world.  If you have relatives from overseas, you can chat as you play Mecca Bingo online- together!  It gives you the opportunity to play together, as if they were just a stone’s throw away from you.  Since online bingo is accessible 24/7, you can play with anyone from any time zone whenever you feel like it.

What’s great about online bingo is that it doesn’t have to cost you anything.  All you may need to heighten the experience are a bag of chips, a large cheese pizza, and a few drinks.  The fact that you play it at home means you don’t have to spend on gas just to get to the bingo hall.

Other than naming your pet Bingo, why not try playing the game online?  The whole family is sure to have hours of endless fun.


  1. That’s true, playing Bingo is very convenient when it is online. No loud voices! 🙂

  2. Yes, you don’t need to go places, spend money for gas , at home sit pretty well loaded with drinks and snacks

  3. I’m not much of a bingo player but I really enjoy playing it.

  4. If my grandmother not blind I could teach her play bingo

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