Bring Romance Back to the Bedroom

Bring Romance Back to the Bedroom

It’s hard to escape the clutter in a family home, but your bedroom should be a sanctuary for you and your mate. There’s nothing like the sense of peace you can have if you close the door and know you can enjoy the space with your partner.

If you want to re-establish your bedroom as a romantic getaway, think about these suggestions:

  • Minimize multi-tasking. It is your bedroom, the place for sleep and love. Stop ironing in it! Clear out anything that doesn’t have anything to do with rest or romance. If one of you must work in there, put in a desk and create an office corner, but resist the temptation to work in bed. If storage is a problem, investigate the options now available for space-saving organizers and shelving. Consider moving out the TV or covering it when you need a loving mood.
  • Keep the kids out. Make their rooms as fun and comfortable as possible and establish limits on them using your bedroom. Remove their toys and clothes from your space and restrict when they can come in and can’t.
  • Re-design for romance. There are many ideas out there for creating a more subtle mood in the bedroom. Among these are some simple solutions that are easy to implement:
    • Plants can make a room more cheerful, add a touch of life and clean the air.
    • A coat of paint may be all you need to revamp the room. Go for understated tones to make the space relaxing.
    • Re-purpose what you have. Take a look at the rest of the house and see if you can find furniture or décor that would better suit the bedroom.
  • Soften the lighting. Use peripheral lighting or a dimmer switch to alter the feeling of the room when you need it. You could also use candles to romantically illuminate the space.
  • Buy a better mattress. If you opt for the best mattress that provides both of you with comfort and support, you’re going to feel more like sharing the bed whenever you can. The latest mattress designs are truly cutting edge and offer options like cooling, lumbar support and longevity. Many online outlets also allow you to sleep test them for a few months.
  • Decorate with romantic mementos of the two of you. Aside from photographs, this could also include framed menus from memorable meals, tickets from concerts or shows and romantic gifts you’ve given each other.
  • Engage all the senses. Spritz the pillow with a favorite fragrance, put some scented flowers in a vase, have a chilled bottle of something fizzy on hand and put out a plate of food you can feed each other.
  • Make a date. Don’t leave your romantic night up to chance, instead clear your calendar for the tryst. Have the kid’s sleepover somewhere else, go out for dinner and a movie and then come home to your sexy sanctuary for dessert.

Romance isn’t dead, it’s just hibernating. Bring it back into your life with a few changes and re-discover why you fell in love in the first place.

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