Brooklyn Bamboo Baby Burpy Bibs and Wash Cloths Review

Brooklyn Bamboo Baby Burpy Bibs and Wash Cloths Review

I was given Brooklyn Baby Burpy Bibs and Wash Cloths in exchange for a review.  Regardless, all opinions are 100% my own.

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Brooklyn Bamboo allowed me to do a review of their Bamboo Baby Washcloths and their Baby Burpy Bibs.  Here is a little information about Brooklyn Bamboo.  Bamboo is considered as one of the world’s most sustainable resource. It is a fast growing grass.  In 2004 through 2010 bamboo started in clothing.  Since then, fabric was produced into wonderful pieces of clothing and other pieces.  Bamboo is natural which makes it organic as well.

Bamboo fabric is most known to be use for intimate apparels such as socks, underwear, t-shirts bathing suit, bathrobes and nightwear.  Bamboo fabric is best used for children’s garments and babies for their delicate skin. Bamboo is also used in the medical field.

The fabric is so much softer.  It has anti-bacterial and hypo-allergenic properties.  This allows for the fabric to be non-irritating and thermo-regulating.

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Brooklyn Bamboo Bamboo BURPY Baby Bibs

burpy bibs and clothsBaby Bamboo Burp Bibs

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These Brooklyn Bamboo Burpy Bib & Burp Cloths are amazing. They wash up nicely and wash after wash they have continued to stay soft. They have made it much easier for me to wipe my nieces face with when she is eating. I let her wear them and then raise them up to wipe her face and not have to get a new wash cloth to do so. Before, I have always had to use a different wash cloth and that always made her cry. With these organic bamboo baby bibs it has been wonderful. There is no more crying when I wipe her face. I have used these when burping her as well. I lay them over my shoulder and they are so soft that she falls right to sleep and there is no irritation on her face either. These Burpy Bibs are ideal and make a perfect gift. I recommend these over other leading brands bibs and burp cloths, because they continue to stay soft, where others do not.

Brooklyn Bamboo Baby Wash Cloths

bamboo wash clothsBaby Bamboo Washcloths

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These Brooklyn Bamboo Baby Washcloths are really soft. I like this because for a baby and their skin a soft wash cloth is needed for sure. I have tried other baby wash clothes and they were soft at first, but after washing them they didn’t keep their softness. These wash cloths have stayed soft after washing and drying them. That is a huge plus. Not only can these be used for the baby, but adults as well. I actually am using three for myself and three for the baby. I love the soft touch. These wash cloths are also organic which means they are made with minimum use of chemicals and has little impact on the environment. I like that these wash cloths are bigger than the usual size baby wash cloths. Not only are these wash cloths soft, but they hold in the soap that I put on them for baby and myself. Normally with other types of wash cloths, I have to continue to add soap to the washcloth. With these, I do not have to continue to keep applying soap to them.. These wash cloths have been saving me time and money. Less soap is being used which is helping me save money. When that saves me money, it’s also saving me the time. I no longer have to repeatedly keep putting soap on the cloths and I am for sure happy about that. My niece has sensitive skin and these are working great for her as well. Another great feature that I noticed about these wash cloths are that they are of great quality. They are not too thin and at the same time are not too thick. They are durable.. After repeatedly washing them after bathes, they have not been torn easily and have not frayed or thinned out, nor have they shrunk. They have stayed the same size. I recommend this for anyone with a baby, anyone that knows someone who is having a baby, anyone that enjoys organic products, or bamboo baby products to purchase these wash cloths.

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