BrylaneHome Extra Wide Zero Gravity Chair Giveaway

BrylaneHomeWhen was the last time you sat on a chair and just melted into it? I am talking about the BrylaneHome Extra Wide Zero Gravity Chair. I have to tell you how IN LOVE with it I am. I put it on my front porch and it is perfect. I can sit there for hours. It is so nice to just grab my kindle and relax. With the weather being so mild this summer I am so glad that I was able to receive this chair for my review.

The extra wide zero gravity chair is the best in ergonomics. It is designed for complete outdoor living at its best. The chair is designed to evenly distributed your body weight so that you have less pressure on your back. It is relaxing and comfortable and perfect for the backyard.

The wide chair is designed to hold up to 350 pounds in weight and has ideal dimensions of 44 inches high, 46 inches in length and a seat that is 38 inches in width. There are knobs on the side of the chair that lock into place so you can recline in which ever position you feel comfortable in.

The zero gravity chair is constructed from a steel frame which is durable, powder coated and rust resistant. For added stability, there is a comfortable pillow headrest along with three bungee cords. The chair easily folds for easy storage and cleans easily.

We would love you to enjoy your summer time with your family and friends with added comfort and reassurance that you deserve every bit of it so the wonderful people at BrylaneHome are letting us do a giveaway!! Enter for your chance to win a BrylaneHome Extra Wide Zero Gravity Chair. Enter below & Good Luck! US only Ends 8/19 a Rafflecopter giveaway


  1. Shelley Hammond says

    I would put it on my front porch, a perfect place to relax in the summer. 🙂

  2. Jennifer Brown says

    This would go on my deck…great chair!

  3. I would put it on my covered patio just relax enjoy nature thanks

  4. Jennifer Speed says

    I would put it in our computer room

  5. Sacha Schroeder says

    I would put it on my porch!

  6. Id put it on my back deck!

  7. Danielle Papsis says

    I would put it on the deck.

  8. Angela W says

    I would put it on my deck

  9. out on my porch would love it

  10. Eustacia Miliusis says

    I would put it on my deck and then when cold weather arrives here in Michigan I would bring it into my living room!

  11. Chassity Daniels says

    I would put this chair on my front porch, it would be the perfect chair to take my morning coffee to and enjoy the scenery.

  12. Shanna Gardner says

    This would go on my patio by the pool

  13. Suzy Zawadzke says

    On my patio

  14. Tracy Heyer says

    On our deck!!

  15. Millie McClave says

    I would put it with the other one I have on the front deck. This one would be perfect for when my grandson is here and wants to sit next to me!

  16. Darla Myers says

    In my living room, So my diabetic husband could elevate his feet

  17. This would be SO nice to use outside and enjoy the wonderful St. Louis, MO weather we’ve been having!

  18. Sue Long says

    I would put it in my gazebo

  19. Margaret M says

    On my patio!

  20. I would put it on the deck in the backyard. . .

  21. Julie McDonough says

    This would be great on my porch.

  22. Sheryl Holden says

    I can picture snuggle time with the grand kids in this.

  23. Stephanie Guenther says

    I would put this awesome chair on my patio.

  24. Pam Fisher says

    In my sunroom

  25. Deborah D says

    living room

  26. Nancy Jachcik says

    Chair would look great on my patio

  27. On the shaded back porch

  28. MARY WOOLLARD says

    i would put it in my ofc, im diabetic and id love my feet elevated while i work from home!

  29. This would be perfect for my hubby on the back patio. Even matches the patio set……

  30. Tracey Taylor says

    I would put it in my living room its the biggest room in the house.

  31. Kassie Jo Lauhoff says

    On our back deck! Love it! Ty! =]

  32. Kimberly Boldt says

    I love these chairs. Very comfy! Nice to take an outdoor nap in, too!

  33. I would put in on the back deck under the gazebo.


    This chair would go on my front porch so that I can relax in it after a hard day at work!

  35. patty Smith says

    the amazing chair would go on my deck

  36. Belinda Turner says

    I would use this chair on the deck but I think it would be awesome to take camping too. I love to sit and read when we camp.

  37. This chair would be great on our back patio so hubby and I can sit and watch the fireflies at night! So relaxing and good quiet time!

  38. nena boblett says

    id love to had this cozy little just to gill out every afternoon

  39. Veronica Baeza says

    In my back yard, at Mountain Lakes, the park…..

  40. Debra Shinabarger says

    I would use it out by my pool deck great chair!Thanks for a chance to win!

  41. Rebecca Xavier says

    I would put this on my porch.

  42. Nikki D. says

    In my sunroom!

  43. Shauna Coble says

    This would complete my patio set out back!!

  44. Linda Marsh says

    I am extra wide so this would be PERFECT for me!! lol

  45. lori paup says

    Under the only tree in my yard 🙂

  46. Martha Boismier says

    I would put this on my deck in summer and back porch in winter

  47. Out to the patio for lounging!

  48. On my front porch!

  49. Pennie Britz says

    would use it on our back deck. love it

  50. Becky Kuntz says

    On my balcony, It looks cozy!!!

  51. Amy Foret says

    This would be a wonderful chair to put on my front porch also, especially to wait for my kids to arrive home from school.

  52. Melinda Pauley says

    Right next to my inlaws pool while we can watch the little ones swim.

  53. Heather McCormick says

    on my patio

  54. Nice chair, this would go well on my front porch

  55. Tami Bates says

    porch. wheres the wind will blow right on me

  56. In our family room where we watch tv

  57. kristina says

    I would love to put it on my patio!!

  58. Kaye Newman says

    On my patio!

  59. on my front porch

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