Calming Your Pet In Stressful Times

Sometimes you can’t help but move house or even country due to a new job offer or moving in with your partner. Animals feel that the home that they grow up in is their territory and they usually would consider this their home for the rest of their lives. Moving house can be extremely stressful for them because you are putting them in a completely new environment. The borders that they have built up over the years are now miles away and they are in a completely strange place. This is different from visiting a friend or going on holiday as they will soon realise that they are not going back to their home.

It can be especially stressful for cats who are animals that roam free and can have quite a wide radius of territory and also possibly friends that they are leaving behind. Going into a new territory can mean coming up against other cats that see this new arrival as an intruder.

One thing you can do is give them a calming medicine or supplements that will ease their nerves and anxiety without having to sedate them or look at serious medication.

The first product people could take a look at is called Feliway; this is a plug in device that emits a scent that is similar to the pheromones that a cat gives off when they are feeling calm. It is also available in a spray and is used around a new house before you move in. This will give them instant calmness and relieve them of any stress.

There is a similar product that emits particular pheromones that dogs associate with and this is called Adaptil; it works in exactly the same way as mentioned above by emitting a scent that is calming for dogs.

Animals when they are happy will give off a smell that only they can pick up. It marks out their territory and also gives them a familiar smell like one you get when you come home.

For something a little stronger that can be used on both cats and dogs; Zylkene is an orally administered medication that induces the same smells and feelings of calmness that animals get. It is also available for horses and they come in bigger doses.

It is important to consider your animal when moving to a new home. They are likely to get stressed out so relieving this can save a lot of problems from happening, like them running away.


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