Carpet Care Tips

carpetHave you noticed that your carpets at home become too loaded with dirt and mites during summer? It’s better to remove them during this season before your family gets sick because of them.

However, if they are installed permanently, as in wall-to-wall carpeting, here are some ways to clean them:

1. HAND ABSORPTION: It is a time-consuming process. It involves sponging a foaming detergent into the carpet. The procedure works best on surface dirt.

2. MIST: It works well also on top-layer dirt. First, spray a solution on the carpet, then use a machine with rotary discs and absorbent pad to clean the misted carpet. Since no brushes are used, fiber damage is less and your carpet dries quickly.

3. DRY POWDER PROCEDURE: Sprinkle absorbent particles onto the carpet. The solution is worked in with brushes, and then vacuumed up. This is effective on surface dirt only, not in deeply embedded soil.

4. SHAMPOOING: This is best suited for commercial, low-pile carpets. Use a machine with rotary disc brushes to work shampoo into the carpet; then vacuum it up.

5. STEAM CLEANING: This is the best method, even for badly soiled carpets. A two-headed machine blasts a hot-water detergent solution onto the carpet, and then immediately vacuums out the dirty water.

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