Dinner and a Movie on a Dime

Your date is priceless but you only have a dime to your name. Take note of innovative ways to express interest despite low wages. Consider ways to enjoy a dinner and a movie kind of time on a dime. Stay Inside Perhaps your date prefers DVDs and pizza to champagne and caviar. ‘Get a feel’ […]

Making Your Wedding Day Preparations Stress Free

image thanks to freedigitalphotos Valentine’s Day has just pass but romance is still in the air for some couples who are planning for their dream weddings this year. I bet most of these couples have already agreed that their wedding date will be sometime in the month of June because, as you may already know, […]

British people are rather strange, it has to be said.

For example, for every 99 men that are perfectly happy with the amount of body hair they take on holiday with them, there is one who is unhappy enough with it to visit a waxer. Pretty mad, huh? Also, we’d rather spend our days with Holly Willoughby or Jonny Depp than the people in charge […]

Spicing Up Your Marriage

Every marriage has its ups and downs but you have to remember in marriage, as in life, it’s not about who was right and who was wrong, it’s about lasting long. So whether you are in a marriage, or a relationship that mimics that of a marriage type paradigm, you have to keep in mind […]

Celebrating Father’s Day as a Couple

In just a few weeks, we will once more give honor to the man of the house, the head of the family: the father.  Any self-effacing dad would normally duck at the first hint of a tribute to him, but we all know that these men in our lives deserve no less than to be […]

Unique Anniversary Gifts for the Wife

Actions, they say, speak louder than words.  Well, more than actions, gifts scream the loudest.  If you want to let your wife know that you love her so much, make no second thoughts about getting unique anniversary gifts for wife dearest.  What gifts can you give her without sounding so run-of-the-mill? Since it’s your anniversary, […]

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