Unique Anniversary Gifts for the Wife

Actions, they say, speak louder than words.  Well, more than actions, gifts scream the loudest.  If you want to let your wife know that you love her so much, make no second thoughts about getting unique anniversary gifts for wife dearest.  What gifts can you give her without sounding so run-of-the-mill? Since it’s your anniversary, […]

Understanding the Man You Love

If you’re having one of those days when your dear hubby seems to have totally lost his vocal cords and would rather have his eyes glued to the TV rather than engage you in a debate on choosing the best detergent for the dishes, well you’re not alone. Women the world over often have problems […]

Husband and Wife Quality Time

For a marriage to succeed, it is important that the couple should spend quality time together. It means that there should be no distractions like work and kids. Job, children and other family members should not interfere with the marriage. Parenting your kids is not an excuse to spend less time as a couple. If […]

How To Get Your Husband To Listen

Men are notorious for having attention spans the length of a toenail. If you find your husband incessantly glancing at his garmin watch with gps instead of listening to what you have to say about an issue concerning the entire household, well, it’s not the end of the world. There are some strategies you can […]

When Your Husband’s Words Hurt

If your hubby starts asking you to buy weight loss pills, sure you have every right to smack him in the face, but maybe he meant it in the best possible way. Men are just lousy at communicating their feelings, that women are often left feeling worse, when they only intended to cheer you up […]

Through Thick or Thinning Hair

The first time I met him, I knew it was magic! Even at midday, I saw fireworks light up the sky.  His dashing good looks and undeniable sex appeal made it extremely difficult for me to concentrate on the movie we were watching on our first date.  Fast forward to today… my dear husband still […]

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