How to get the perfect shot

Image Source Photos are great part of our family’s life. It chronicles events in our life. Here are some things I have learned through the years in getting a perfect shot: Make sure you read the manual of your camera! You can have the latest and most expensive camera but if you don’t know how […]

List of 7 Must Have Gadgets For Your Home

Gadgets & Appliances you should get for your Home Nowadays the average person leads a very busy lifestyle. Working full time and having a social life can mean that there is little time to look after the home or everyone in it. Luckily we live in a world that is full of great technology, so […]

Holiday Projects for Mommies and Kiddos

Making holiday projects is a great way to have quality time with the family.  Putting up the Christmas tree is one big holiday project that the family can share.  Putting up trinkets and sharing stories from Christmases past is always a wonderful way to start the season.  I’m sure we all have fond memories of […]

Quick Fixer Uppers to Get Your Home Decked for the Holidays

It might already be too late for a renovation or a full redecorating project for the holidays – it might be too expensive too considering that you still have to spend for parties and gifts.  There are budget-friendly ways through which you can fix up your home in time for the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays.  […]

Economizing with DIY Home Improvement Projects

There economic scene is still not that rosy for many global economies.  Talks about stimulus packages and recovery measures are not exactly translating to real and tangible benefits for the ordinary consumer. But, life goes on for all of us.  We just have to make do with what we have and try our best to weather these times.  There […]

Doors and Windows: Bracing for the Cold Season

The days and nights are getting to be a little nippier every day.  You have to start checking your doors and windows for any repair work they might need.  Especially if your doors and windows have wooden components, it is important to remember that you might experience some expansion as a result of the increased […]

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