Cooling Summer Days Efficiently

Air conditioners are considered to be essential appliances in most modern homes especially during the hot summer months.  You have to make sure your air conditioner is running smoothly lest you be caught by unexpected repairs right in the middle of the sweltering heat.  A properly maintained AC unit can also bring down your electric […]

DIY Home Décor Projects

Making your own home décor can be a fun and money-saving project to undertake.  There are online websites where you can get some ideas in do-it-yourself home décor projects.  Visiting your local craft store might also give you interesting finds in DIY kits for fun home décor.  Some of the quick and easy ones that […]

Greener and Brighter Homes During the Summer

With the warm weather and summer breeze, it’s a shame to keep all your windows all shut and locked up.  It’s time to open up your home and get all of the mustiness of the cold and wet season out.  This is also a good time to check out your windows and get some repairs […]

Busting Molds and Mildew During the Wet Season

You might not be aware of it but you could have mold and mildew forming in your home – these might even be the culprits for your recent bouts of allergies and other respiratory problems.  These bacterial growth thrive in damp areas.  With the kind of weather we are having these days, it is highly […]

A More Practical Way to Keep Mementos

We accumulate stuff as days pass. You might notice one corner of your home getting cluttered as mementos from one occasion to another gather in a hodge-podge of sorts. Most mommies would claim that they are just waiting to have some extra time in their hands to sort through these mementos and organize them. The […]

Home-based Business Management

Owning or managing a home-based business does not mean you don’t have to keep up with business growth strategies. Even in managing an online store, a small stall right in front of your home, or a home baking business requires one to keep improving, and to keep innovating. Let us discuss some of the things […]

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