Fuss-Free Shopping Spree for Kids

Have you ever tried going on a shopping spree with your toddler? If your toddler is as active as mine, I bet it turned out to be more of a running spree for the tot and left you with sore feet and empty shopping bags. I have a 2-year-old myself so I know exactly how […]

Zipping Through Town with my ZIPZ Shoes

When travelling, shoes are most often the one sacrificed to make way for the essentials. We are then left to make do with the pair we’re wearing and one extra pair in the luggage.  Well, would you believe that it is possible to have a matching pair of shoes for each of your travel outfit […]

TSUKIHOSHI Footwear: Comfort and Protection for Toddlers’ Developing Feet

My son is now two years old and will most likely grow two-shoe-sizes bigger before the year ends.  I really have half the mind of buying shoes that are a few inches bigger so they can last longer or perhaps buy cheaper shoes since he’d be wearing them for only a few months.  But then, […]

A Sprout Watch for My Eco-Forward Husband

Sprout Watches are becoming more and more popular not just because of their green advocacy but also because of their unique designs.   From classic styles to funky and avant-garde, Sprout Watches has something for everyone.  I myself already have a couple of these environmentally-friendly timepieces.  I love how they make for great functional accessories and […]

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