Food Deco Tools for Starting a Bento Lunch Habit

A lot of my mommy friends seem to have been bitten by the Bento craze with a lot of creatively made school meals being shared in social media. I couldn’t help but be enticed – and challenged at the same time – to try my hand in preparing fun and attractive Bento Meals for my […]

Helping Your Little One Ride the Bike

I had the opportunity to receive a Plasma Bike for review so I can share my honest thoughts on it. You cannot imagine the feeling of a child who gets his own set of wheels for the first time.  You’ll get the idea when you see your wide-eyed tot eagerly inspecting his new ride.  I’m […]

Do you believe in Fairies?

  Do you believe ? I do believe! And more so because he just paid me a visit! Not only did he visit me but he also sprinkled his pixie dust all over my blogs and gave me an Amazon gift card as a reward for working so hard. Isn’t it amazing? I have been […]

Have Fun With Your Kids – Create Your Own Personalised T-Shirts

Making your own t-shirts can be a fun family activity that everyone will remember, and it is a good way to find clothes for your kids that they will love to wear for months, if not years, to come.   Encouraging your kids to tap into their own creativity from an early age is always […]

How to Enjoy Vacation with Your Teens

When you have a teenager, it is quite difficult to plan a vacation that will not bore the teenager. To resolve your teen’s boredom, you can allow a friend to come along in your family vacation trip. It might be a tough decision for parents but you can ask your teenager to bring someone whom […]

Growing Pumpkins: The Basics

The official vegetable of Halloween, pumpkins have more uses besides being hollowed out to make Jacques Lanterns. They can be used to make tasty meals, as the head of a scarecrow and even for village fairs. Despite their size, they can be grown easily in your back garden, especially with the right access to sunlight, […]

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