Make Kid’s Room Cleaning Fun

Do you need to shout on top of your lungs just to make your kids clean-up their room? If so, then it’s about time that you find ways to make room cleaning fun activity for the whole family. There are ways that will be enjoyable for kids and parenting will be easier too. Create a […]

Teaching Kids on Safe Cooking Foods

Stay at home moms may encourage their kids to learn how to cook. Once the kids learn how to cook, they have inherited a life-long skill from you. However it is also important that moms at home would teach them to be safe while cooking. One of the basic in kitchen safety is to keep […]

Philippine Azkals National Team

Philippine Azkals National Team has made a name on the history in the playing field of Football. Phil and James Younghusband were one of those most talked-about personalities. It is good to note in one of their interviews that apart from being sports minded they are as well family oriented. They are both passionate about […]


Welcome to my blog !!! I am Jade, a momma finally. Please leave a comment and I will follow you all back when my baby is asleep :D!! The Rules: 1.Make sure you follow our hosts: Pinay Mommy Bloggers and Pinay Mommy Online. 2. Every Saturday, you make a post to welcome your new followers […]

Sony PS3: A great toy for my boys

I was in the midst of looking for a gift for my boys, as one of my son will be about to graduate in pre-school this school year. I came across the Sony PS3 and I find it suitable not only for my son but for the whole family as well. In addition, it will […]

Mimio: Your modern tool in teaching your kids at home

Homeschooling is common nowadays. Many of the parents opt to teach their kids at home for whatever reason. If you are one of those who are into homeschooling, you must then be interested with mimio, a modern equipment that allows you to connect your whiteboard and automatically sees what’s inside your computer turning your whiteboard […]

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