Load Up on the Cs

The old and trusty Cs of nature has a lot of health benefits for the entire family. Among the health benefits of Vitamin C include: warding off infections, coughs, and colds; aiding in iron absorption; promoting healthy skin, bones, gums, and teeth; and helping in collagen creation. Getting enough Vitamin C from the foods that […]

Check Your Water Storage to Protect Your Family’s Health

One of the basic necessities of our daily life is water. It directly affects our well being as it is consumed by members of the family for simple hydration and in preparation of our meals. We also use it to cleanse our bodies, our surroundings and almost everything else that we use for day to […]

Pushing Through Health Challenges

Having a family member who faces health challenges is a painful reality. The emotional burden that comes with this reality, however, should not prevent everyone from living a happy and meaningful life. Accepting your predicament, getting past your emotions, and pushing forward to make each and every day better than yesterday is the key to […]

Achoo-Proofing Your Home: A Quick Way To Bust the Flu Bug

There’s no denying that the rainy season is here. And, with that, we can expect the flu bug to be making the rounds. We definitely do not want the flu bug hovering around our homes. Even if we have taken the time to get our flu shots over the summer break, there is still no […]

Quick Bedroom Fixes for a Good Night’s Sleep

Every living creature that walks the face of the earth does this: sleep.  We all know that we need shut-eye for our bodies to repair cells which suffer wear and tear from our daily activities.  If you’re starting to feel like a sleep-deprived zombie who wants to hit his head with a balance scale, well, […]

Choosing Safe Toys for Your Children

When a kid is at play, he is seriously at work.  And we parents should be serious about choosing toys which are safe for him.  We should be aware that not everything that’s out there is safe for our kids.  Sometimes, without our knowledge, a seemingly safe toy can be made of substances almost as […]

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