Tips for Eating Smart

Parents should encourage kids to start eating smart in order to prevent weight problems in the future. When preparing daily meals, you need to add at least six powerfoods in your daily diet. These powerfoods include the following: Almonds or other types of raw nuts Beans Spinach Low-fat Dairy products Instant oatmeal Eggs Whole grain […]

How to Get a Good Night’s Sleep

You’ve been downing a full glass of warm milk every night for the past week, yet it seems to have absolutely no effect on making you sleepy. You’ve counted a million and one sheep, but your efforts have all been futile. Don’t rip your sheets out of despair just yet, as there are other ways […]

General Eye Care Tips for the Family

The eyes, they say, are the windows to the soul. Just as the windows in your living room need care and cleaning, so do your eyes. Imagine how dark and dreary your world would be if you looked through dirty and blurred lenses. Our eyes, of course, are indispensable as we use them to do […]

Walking With the Family

As long as the weather permits, a good bonding and fitness activity you can do with the whole family is walking. Whatever fitness level you’re at, walking is the perfect exercise. Think of the fitness benefits walking gives you. You get a full body workout, as you get your heart pumping with every step you […]

Exercise Tips for Stay-at-Home Moms

Being a stay-at-home mom does not give you the license to look lousy and not to take care of yourself. Even if you are busy with stay-at-home parenting you still need to look good and feel good. Sometimes staying home with kids the whole day can get into your nerves, so you need to relax […]

How To Deal With Arthritis Pain

Those endless hours at the basketball court have finally taken their toll on your husband’s knee. Doesn’t it just break your heart whenever you see your hubby writhe in pain from his arthritis? You wish you had the power to simply kiss his suffering away. There may be no magical formula to wipe away pain […]

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